What Is Symbian Counting Down To? (Hint In The Page Source)

A little over two hours ago, there was a tweet from the official Symbian account that simply said – #symbiancountdown 108.

Symbian Countdown

108 what? Hours, Days? My first thought was hours, but its been two hours since that tweet and the countdown.symbian.org still says 108, which makes me wonder what does 108 actually stand for?

Symbian Countdown Hint

For a hint I looked up the Page Source code and actually found one! It didn’t really help, all I got was:

!– if you’re looking for a secret, here’s one: 108 –>
!– we promise not to self destruct –>

Any ideas anyone? The number of packages left before Symbian goes completely open source? It cannot be something that geeky. I’m thinking mainstream. 108 days till Symbian ^4? That’s too far away to countdown too. An new device from a Symbian partner?

Symbian Countdown Hints

[Update] These tweets from the @SymbianIT account, should help as well. In case you are wondering, 0x6C stands for 108. So does this countdown have something to do with the S^4 UI?

8 thoughts on “What Is Symbian Counting Down To? (Hint In The Page Source)”

  1. The lost numbers: 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

    If we don’t push these numbers, symbian will auto destruct.

    We have 108 minutes!!! ohh noooo!! The island operating system is “SYMBIAN” WOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. This cannot be a countdown to a release or anything like that. Anyone who is involved into software development knows that you cannot accurateley predict the release time so many days before.

    I think that the answer is much simpler. The tweet says: “With the new S^4 UI, I think Symbian will be very 0x6C”, where 6C means SEXY.

    “With the new S^4 UI, I think Symbian will be very sexy”

  3. there’s a nother message, i found it this morning:

    — It has nothing to do with moustaches. And the Crown is
    a great pub, but it doesn’t seem the countdown type–

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