Nokia Fumes At Apple’s Claim Of Being The Largest Mobile Company

At the iPad keynote, Steve Jobs made a statement that has set-off another round of Nokia v/s Apple action. He called Apple the largest mobile company in the world, even bigger than Nokia when it came to revenue. Needless to say, this did not go down well with Nokia, not one bit, and today they shot back on the official Nokia Conversations blog with a provocative, ‘A Fruit Confused?‘.

Nokia Fumes At Apple's Claim Of Being The Largest Mobile Company

Mark Squires, Head of Social Media at Nokia called for an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison where laptop computers could not be included in the generally accepted definition of ‘mobile devices’. With in play, Nokia’s devices and services business from Oct-Dec was shown as €8,18 billion while Apple’s turnover for “newly defined” mobile devices was €7,25 billion.

Now there is no right/legally accepted definition of ‘mobile devices’ so I would expect the give and take to continue. Nokia and Apple are already embroiled in litigation, may I suggest they setup an arbitral panel to rule over this as well. What is important to note is the hard tone of that Nokia has adopted in its effort to set the record straight. Here is an extract:

“Well you don’t see me putting pen to paper a great deal but sometimes there are articles floating around on the sphere that get my blood pressure rising to what my doctor is prone to call an ‘unreasonable level for a man of your years/weight/physical condition’. Reading coverage of one of our competitor’s much hyped web pad event this week, I was surprised to see that, by revenue, they were claiming in their leader’s keynote to be “the largest mobile devices company in the world.”

The difference between the two companies is even larger if you use the more common measure: the number of devices sold. By that comparison, Nokia has been the largest mobile devices company in the world for a dozen consecutive years.

What do you think? Does a Macbook fall under the category of a ‘mobile device’?

4 thoughts on “Nokia Fumes At Apple’s Claim Of Being The Largest Mobile Company”

  1. The old man is going crazy, the liver transplant seems to be affecting the brain. Macbooks can’t even compete in their own category and he’s counting them as mobile devices.

  2. Guys be serious the old man is right apple is bigger and better than we ever thought and the macs are mobile devices if you know what mobile devices are

  3. Mobile means you can take it with you. I take my laptop computers with me often. Further, macbooks and MBPs are easily capable of acting like phones with skype and a WIFI network. Jobs was in the right.

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