Nokia X6 v12.0.091 Firmware Now Available OTA

The Nokia X6, the first Nokia Xseries device has received a seemingly minor update in the form of the v12.0.091 firmware, up from the older v12.0.088. The firmware is available via the Nokia Software Updater as well as over-the-air, you can hit *#0000# on your X6’s keypad and then search for updates to get this release.

The X6 like most modern Nokia devices features user data preservation, so you can update without the fear of losing data. There is no changelog currently available and my guess is that this release will concentrate on bug fixing and optimizations.

Let us know if you notice any changes.

[Image via @acaPAWN7]

6 thoughts on “Nokia X6 v12.0.091 Firmware Now Available OTA”

  1. Nokia X6 combines fun and functionality in a totality. It offers three nice & free 3Dgames.The performance of camera and the web interface is amazingly well It supports 3 G technology that means it would support all the features available with such technology. Nokia X6 compact model is a step up and the long talk-time battery life is quite impressive and is especially suited for the business user.

  2. Awesome phone, huge upgrade from N95
    I upgraded from a Nokia N95 and couldn’t be happier. Feature-wise, the two phones are almost the same, but the performance of the X6 is vastly improved. Sure it’s not hard to beat an old phone, but this one leaves me wanting for nothing.

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