New N900 Firmware PR 1.1.1 version 3.2010.02-8 Now Available

The Nokia N900 has received a new firmware in the form of PR 1.1.1 (version 3.2010.02-8). This looks like a minor update and is available as an image from N900 firmware section as well as over the air if you search for updates. The OTA option is a 16.2 MB download and looks like a precursor to the major PR 1.2 update.

New N900 Firmware PR 1.1.1 version 3.2010.02-8 Now Available

This update adds a number of regions to the N900, as quite a number of countries were earlier missing from the N900’s list. Apart from that there is no changelog available. I will update this post if I see something new.

The changelog is now available here, this firmware fixes the battery drain issue when connected to WIFI and browser improvements among other minor things.

Update: If you get a memory error while trying to update the N900 over the air, trying rebooting the device once. If that still doesn’t solve your problem then disable the Extras-Devel and Extras-Testing repositories and try again.

Update 2: The update is also available via the Nokia Software Updater, however when you update using it, you will loose your applications and settings, while the contacts and other data including photos will remain intact. So please make sure you backup before you update.

[via: Sittiphol and Maemo Club on Twitter]

22 thoughts on “New N900 Firmware PR 1.1.1 version 3.2010.02-8 Now Available”

  1. hi Vaibhav,

    I had NOT updated to firmware PR 1.1 and now I see Maemo update 3.2010.02-8.002 with size 92.7mb in the application manager. Please let me know the size and version number you see.


  2. Bipin, I had updated to the PR 1.1 so it came up as a 16.5 MB update for me. But since you had not, the file size you see is bigger because it incorporates the updates from the PR 1.1 as well. The version we both see will be the same.

  3. Updated firmware via NSU. After update programs and settings are missing and I was lazy do recommended backup 🙂 Strange, it looks like firwmare was not updated, but reflashed.

  4. For the record I have used NSU v2.4.3 (beta). Few times I have used NSU to update N97 FW, and everything was ok, I didn’t know that with N900 is different thing.

  5. rootfs usage has gone up by about 10% after updating via OTA.. anyone facing the same prob.. i also did a restart…

  6. i tried to download the new firmware via OTA, prob, there’s an issue on memory target location, i tried to get rid of it, any its fine, next problem came along is “OPERATION FAILED” now i cannot install and uninstall program, i tried to use NSU (Nokia Software Updater) prob, it always says that connect USB via PC Suite Mode in which i did, since N900 is different style and auto-charging, i don’t know now how to update my software via NSU. also i tried to use flasher-3.5, still not working… PLEASE GUYS, can someone help me how to do these things please, thanks.

  7. I just did thsi update.. yes i know its a lil late. Now i can not use the application manager it keeps saying operation failed and when i try to download it says no apps to download it even says no aps to uninstall if i try and uninstal any ideas?

  8. i updated my n900 via pc update installer to 3.2010.02-8.
    after updating, my device can recognize 2 GB memory.

    how can i bring rest memory back please ?

  9. another problem.

    My device can’t be recognized by pc now(neither pc suite mode or mass storage mode).

    anyone saw this problem before?

    my pc: win 7 with nokia software updater and pc suite 2.1 installed.

    thanks in advance.

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