Demo Of Nokia’s High Speed Wireless Transfer Concept – Explore & Share From My Visit To TWWLN

Demo Of Nokia's High Speed Wireless Transfer Concept - Explore  & Share From My Visit To TWWLNAs I have told you before, I had gone to Helsinki for The Way We Live Next event last year and Nokia had some really interesting demos from the work being done at the Nokia Research Center. There I was fortunate to witness and be able to witness, interview and film a demo of the Explore & Share concept that allows wireless data transfer at very high speeds.

The setup is based on a new radio technology built from a scratch. At Nokia house it was being demoed on a specially modded N900 and as you can see in the video below, an entire album was bought and transferred in under 10 seconds. For some reason I missed publishing this video before, and was reminded by Nokia Conversation’s post about Explore & Share today.

This demo unit sees you place your device on a ‘writer’ which is connected to a separate touchscreen monitor. This new radio tech forms a short-range connection between the writer and the device, and doesn’t use any other radio networks – the writer is immediately paired with and recognizes your handset, and instantly brings up relevant content that is available for it on the large touchscreen monitor. From here you simply tap to transfer the apps, music albums, games, apps, videos and other extras you fancy, direct to your phone in a flash.

Of all the demos that we have seen from the Nokia research Center, this is one I’d really like to see go mainstream.