TweeGo Is A Great Looking N900 Twitter App

For a long time there has been a demand for a nice Twitter app for the N900, so far we have Witter and Mauku and web apps such as and, but there is none that comes close to elegance of something like Gravity for Symbian devices. Enter, TweeGo, formerly Twitter Box, which has all the promise of quickly becoming the best Twitter app for the N900.

As of now it is very alpha with regard to functionality and has not been uploaded to the extras-devel repository yet. There is no dedicated @ reply column, no direct message section and so on but the UI is beautiful. The transitions are slick and the app makes you want to use it. Hopefully it will have much more functionality soon.

If you want to try it, you will have to install it using the terminal (instructions below).

TweeGo Is A Great Looking Twitter App For The N900

TweeGo Is A Great Looking Twitter App For The N900
TweeGo Is A Great Looking Twitter App For The N900

TweeGo Is A Great Looking Twitter App For The N900


  • Download the latest version of TweeGo from this page. Download the .deb file.
  • Save this under the MyDocs section of the N900.
  • Rename this to something like “TweeGo″ so that its easier for your to enter the name in the terminal.
  • Install an application called “rootsh” from the Application Manager.
  • Next, launch the Terminal application on the N900 and enter “sudo gainroot” and hit enter.
  • Now type “cd MyDocs” and hit enter.
  • Then type “dpkg -i Tweego.deb” and hit enter.


36 thoughts on “TweeGo Is A Great Looking N900 Twitter App”

  1. Looks good. Will download when inc’s Replies and DMs. Love the fact it shows number of followers. Only app I’ve seen with that feature. – @c00l

  2. just a tip if you have latest firmware PR 1.1.1 you can install deb files by clicking on them in file manager then app manager installs it.
    theres no need to use command line and dpkg from terminal anymore

  3. Doesn’t work in the file manager, have to be done with root at the commandline. But I don’t why!?
    Nice app anyway. Most promising twitter-app I’ve seen yet.

  4. Neat looking app. But doesn’t work for me. After inputting my twitter details it just loads and loads and loads but nothing happens.

  5. Commendable effort !However at this stage of product development , it just looks better than that disgrace of a Twitter Client – Mauku !
    Uninstalled it after 5 minutes of use . I think I’ll hold off using it till they have a stable release that does more than what the current web based clients ( Dabr and hahlo) can do .

  6. hi, can you help me???, tweego is now avaiable at the app manager but when i try to install it it says:missing apps packages: libqt4-maemo-5 phonom, where can i install it???

  7. Me too I have the same issues as Chris, it shows missing packages same for witter and now youtube apps no longer stream

  8. This looks really promising. I miss Gravity so much and nothing comes anywhere near for N900. Hopefully this will make Twitter a much more pleasureable experience.

    It looks wicked 😀 Can’t wait.

  9. I love to use Twitter whenever i want to know the latest buzz about my friends. I also use Twitter to know the latest buzz from famous persons |

  10. Nice looking app, but I am found issue that is not possible enter national characters in Tweet via TweeGo :-/

  11. You will need Qt installed first before installing Tweego… Otherwise, you will get errors for deoendency… Correct me if I am wrong… Thanks

  12. I had problems by stating the comment above when installing but found my way getting it installed… If you have problems of dependecy on libqt4-maemo-******, try ‘apt-get -f install’ from the directory you downloaded tweego. make sure u ‘sudo gainroot’ first…

  13. Me too.

    I’ve downloaded the latest .deb available at

    But I can’t figure out how to login to my twitter account.

    I’ve trid to reset my password or, even change it to only lower case, but it’s still not working.

  14. why can’t i login to tweego? it looks amazing, but if it’s not working it still sucks! please help!

  15. Very lousy app.

    1) UI looks stunning but does not follow Maemo’s guidelines.
    2) UI looks stunning but only view I can see is the login one – app does not work beyond that.

    Congrats guys! TweeGo is the first N900 app I’ll be uninstalling – and this is in less than 30min.

  16. it worked before.. for some reason since all the maemo updates it dont work anymoew.. some1 fix the problem?!

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