First Look: – Twitter Web App For The N900

There has been a lot of talk about Twitter apps for the N900, some good and some not so good. Recently we have seen Tweego, which has a lot of promise, but till the time that it matures what other options do we have? On device clients include – Mauku and Witter (which recently got a UI update), while web apps include my favourite and

Another new web app really worth checking out is Its first page claims that it is currently the best way to Twitter from the N900 and in my opinion that may not be far from the truth.

  • The web app beautiful to look at.
  • It packs functionality such as character counter, @ reply’s, DM’s, Search and the ability to favorite and retweet tweets.
  • In its current iteration, you cannot follow or unfollow a person from within the app. Update: This functionality has now been added.
  • There is no option to edit and then Retweet, something which Dabr allows. This is almost a deal breaker for me.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect. N900 Web Twitter App

  • The homescreen. Plain, simple and elegant. N900 Web Twitter App

  • Tapping on a tweet brings up options to reply, star or retweet. N900 Web Twitter App

  • Tapping on the star favorites the tweet. N900 Web Twitter App

  • Tapping on reply opens up the above text box with a character counter. N900 Web Twitter App

  • A look at the ‘mentions’ section. N900 Web Twitter App

  • The ‘retweet’ functionality, similar to what offers. No chance of adding your two cents it.

All in all its a great way to use Twitter on the N900. While not being as fully featured as Dabr, it is a lot more finger friendly. If the developers can add editable retweets and the ability to twitpic, it might just become perfect. Check it out here.

5 thoughts on “First Look: – Twitter Web App For The N900”

  1. Thanks for reviewing my app!

    Being able to follow/unfollow is on the todo list, so we can hope to see that in the coming week.

    Being able to edit a retweet is something that I want to do, but can’t think of a great way to do that while still allowing people to use the “new style” retweets if they want…

  2. Mike, congrats on a great app. It is great to see the follow/unfollow option being included so quickly.

    On the retweet thing may be you could do it the Dabr way, ask first time and then set that as a preference, changeable from a settings menu.

    Or when someone clicks on retweet they could get options which say – Old Style, New Style and Cancel.

  3. Without being a knowall. have a look at the UI on Gravity (symbian) and Twittelator Pro (iphone) two of my favourite twitter apps. good luck.

  4. Hi Alan, I don’t have an iPhone so cannot comment about the Twittelator app, but Gravity is something that I use daily. I’d love to see it come to Maemo, but I don’t think Janole will port it to the N900 anytime soon.

    PS: My first love is Symbian – 🙂

  5. Mike – similar to what @Vaibhav suggested, but how about three options on the dialog: “retweet now”, “edit first”, and “cancel”. I would be wary of “remembering” that selection to the extent of skipping a confirmation altogether, since it’s easy to miss-touch on these mobile devices. It could at the very least preselect the last user-selected option though.

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