Nokia C3 – Specifications, Pictures & Video

Nokia has just announced the C3, the first Series 40 QWERTY device that is ‘designed to put better messaging and social networking tools in the hands of more people around the world’.

Nokia C3 - Specifications, Pictures & Video

The key message is Nokia’s announcement today was affordability, so they expect to sell these by the truckloads. Expect the C3 in golden white, slate grey and hot pink once Q2 is here, EUR 90, before taxes and subsidies.

Here are the complete specifications:

Nokia C3 Specifications

Messaging On The Nokia C3:

4 thoughts on “Nokia C3 – Specifications, Pictures & Video”

  1. I woudn’t recommend anyone to buy C3-00, because I already made this mistake and all I discovered is that there’s no office suite for it since it’s s40-based (just looks like Symbian. don’t fool yourselves), it’s very slow (lags even when you exit the built-in Calculator), camera is awful (both still images and video are extremely low-quality and grainy), frequently crashes when you try to play videos that are saved on the memory stick, reboots out of nowhere, built-in Twitter/Facebook clients don’t work when you go wireless, the built-in mail client also works only through GPRS, etc. And that’s just the half of it, even though I’m with their latest firmware (4.60). The best part is the so-called “Wi-Fi” is UNUSABLE and you are FORCED to use the costy, slow GPRS!!! And, if you think it’s only my unit a faulty one, go to and see all the oppinions there for yourself – all NOKIA C3-00 have a SEVERE WI-FI DEFFECT! Do not fool yourselves if you think you gonna get a phone with WLAN, C3-00 is nothing but a cheap piece of plastic.

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