3D Gaming Demo’ed On Nokia N8

3D Gaming Demo'ed On Nokia N8The N8 is powered by the ARM 11 processor running at 680 MHz and features a dedicated GPU for that extra kick. This configuration is not market leading, but is not bad either. Nokia’s Maemo flagship runs on the A8 Cortex running at 600 MHz and manages pretty impressive 3D graphics if the Bounce game is anything to go by.

Ahmedp800 has posted a video of the N8 running two 3D games, Bounce and Rally Master and I have got to say the graphics look pretty smooth. The N8’s Bounce performance looks very similar to how its looks on the N900.

The N8 is still in the development stage and by the time the final firmware is ready, I hope we’ll see even better results.

What do you think?

[via: Daily Mobile]

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  1. There’s a lot room for improvement, but it look OK for something that doesn’t come out for a couple of months.

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