Music & Gaming With The N97 Mini Trunk

Music & Gaming With The N97 Mini TrunkAfter 12 hours of non stop video editing and almost 24 hours of non stop work on the N97 Mini Trunk Challenges, it looks like we might just be able to get all the challenges in before the deadline expires later today.

Its Sunday today and the following videos should make for a bit of fun, specially the second one! We now have only two tasks left, Maps and Photos. Check back for them soon.

Challenge 3: Music  On The Go

In this challenge we want you to explore listening to music without the help of the N97 mini. Use what you have in the trunk and show us what you got! Think about where/what you do on a daily basis that involves listening to music, then imagine having to drag around the trunk.

Challenge 4: Gaming

Imagine trying to play a game of say, snakes and ladders, in all the same places yo can with your N97 mini. On a train? In the park? In bed?

What do you think? Are we on right path?