The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge Is A Wrap: Lessons Learnt?

You must have noticed the frenzied posting in the last 24 hours, four posts dedicated to the N97 Mini Trunk. The format of the Challenge was using things we consider relics e.g. a CD Player, A Tape Recorder, A Disposable Camera to do ordinary tasks for which we depend on our beloved phones for, in this case the N97 Mini.

The N97 Mini Trunk Challenge Is A Wrap: Lessons Learnt?

For our entries into the competition, we tried to make our videos as funny as possible so that you would have a light laugh and get entertained in the process, but if your phone was actually taken away and you would be given this trunk full of objects, someone in the nineties would drool over, you or me would find it incredibly frustrating.

Just goes to show how habits change and with that our level of dependence. In my book it is not a bad thing. Yes, we are addicted to technology, so what? As long as you know that lack of it will not cause spasms, its all good. Back to the task at hand, our final challenge was:

… to get the awesome images you’ve taken on your disposable camera and pop them into the photo album we’ve given you. Once you’ve got your Nokia N97 mini trunk album ready, you need to share it with the world! Show us how sharing your pics form the N97 mini compares to doing it ‘old school’ style. Organize a tea party to show off your pics, post them to the ones you love or leave your album somewhere everyone can flip through. It’s totally up to you.

We kept it simple, had some friends over to shoot some pool and passed the photos around. But one thing worth mentioning was that paper was more fun than what TV out could be, but that was just this one time. If you were to ask to not to upload pictures only and have to manually send them to friends, I wouldn’t be able to.

My question is, since the time Facebook, Twitter and Email became mainstream, have you sent someone actual physical photos? If so, often?

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