We Get Mapping With The N97 Mini Trunk – Old School Style

Our N97 Mini Trunk came with a Quill, a compass, a diary, an address book, some ink, a calculator and some other items, all of which can prove incredibly useful or amazingly useless in a quest for navigation. As luck would have it, the rub of the green didn’t go our way and what ensued was funny for the spectator, but incredibly frustrating for the individuals. I give you, Challenge 2 – Maps!

Ovi Maps has made life easier for a lot of us, and we often wonder what people did before navigation. Show us how having Ovi Maps on your N97 mini device can make life easier. Using the tools at your disposal we want you and your trunk buddy to create a fun video showing us how things used to be done, and how we do it now. Trunk v/s N97 Mini!

Think of a creative way to have fun with maps and submit your video online.

After this we have just one more challenge left and under 1:30 hours to go.