Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India – Goes On Sale June 9

If you have been following me on Twitter (@TheMeeGoBlog) you will know that on Friday Nokia India held a launch event for the N900 release in India, giving details about pricing, availability, support and the like.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

So first things first, the N900 has an MRP of Rs. 30,639 and will go on sale June 9 onwards but you can expect the real world price to be closer to the 27,000 rupee mark. Nokia has also promised that they will have  people in stores ready to help users setup and understand their N900 for the first time, they will guide you through email setup, homescreen and the like. If you have questions after the purchase as well, you can hit any Nokia Service Center for help. Although I’m sure most of The MeeGo Blog readers will know more about the N900 than anyone Nokia’s trained!

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

The event kick started with a introduction to the N900, followed by an impressive demo. I say impressive because things like lens cover reminder, FM transmitter widget and so on were also gone into, apps made by the community were highlighted and this gave the people not familiar with the N900 an idea of its open nature.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Right after the demo, we had a quick Q&A on MeeGo, N900’s India Skype restriction and so on. One thing you must know is that while MeeGo 1.0 is available for the N900, if you install it onto your device and you happen to break your N900, Nokia will not fix it under the warranty. Fair enough, but fixing your N900 is not too hard anyway, all it needs is a reflash.

Like I mentioned  on Twitter a few days ago, the Indian version of the N900 will not have Skype inbuilt due to government regulations prohibiting it, but fortunately there is a work around and all you need to do is flash to the Global firmware to have everything up and running. It is also possible that you do not see Nokia Messaging in the email services list if  you setup email on WiFi for the first time. From what I am told, this is because when email is setup for the first time, the N900 checks operator compatibility which cannot be done via WiFi. Although once you have setup the email client, it works over WiFi seamlessly.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Finally, the Maemo Masters Invitational was unveiled and something tells me that you will love it! Expect more details soon.

Coverage From The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India

Right after the event, we were treated to some drifting action that promised ‘Extreme Speed & Power’, which apparently went with the N900’s tagline at the event.

Nokia Torque Drive

Nokia had invited a group of bloggers from around the country to the launch and right after the event we sat down to talk about the N900 on camera. Expect that soon. Finally I am glad to say that Nokia has finally brought the N900 to India, its a great device and despite being 7 months late, it presents a compelling proposition.

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  1. what? Rs.30.6K? it’s now Rs.28.6K in Malaysia with a free car holder.
    some retailer is even selling at Rs.22K already… well, at least it’s cheaper than the RM2280 (Rs.32.6K) during Malaysia launch in end of March this year.

  2. i bought it a month ago here in saudi arabia and it costed me for 1900 SAR (22.8K INR) included wid external 8gb memory card car charger and this was really surprising they even provided me wid a bluetooh headset. its for sure costly in india way way costly.

  3. one more thing to add.. its much better than the Iphone 3gs and lol my nokia n900 is not “made in china”… Nokia just has to work for portrait mode for all apps.. i hope thr wil be a firmware out soon.


  4. I Went to a Nokia priority dealer today , and asked for the device he told me it will be launched in next 2 months ?
    This is at In orbit mall , mumbai suburbs ??? I just want to know am a BB user and email is one thing i use most , can its battery last me through out the day ?
    Advise please.

  5. Ramu, oh no. He clearly seems to have his facts wrong. Its should be here pretty soon, June 9 onwards. The battery will just about last you through a day with moderate use.

  6. small tip:
    in latest firmware(pr 1.2) partial portrait mode has been added to some apps, all you have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+R after launching the app(ex: contact, conversation, etc)
    it is not perfect, it doesn’t work for every app, in some you have to scroll horizontally and if you close the app you have to press the key combination again when you open it for portrait to work again

    Hope this helps, cheers from Romania

  7. 1. What kind of restriction on Skype actually ?
    2. Is Gtalk and SIP not covered under the restrictions Skype is under ?
    3. How is Belkin selling is Skype certified devices at India then ?
    4. Is Nokia knowingly providing means to Indian users to still go ahead use Skype on N900 ?

  8. Well the bottomline is that Skype in not inbuilt on the N900. If you want Skype, just grab the Global FW image and flash the N900 with it, hardly takes 2 minutes.

    Gtalk and SIP are present in the India version of the FW.

  9. Well I get the bottom line just fine, but its the cream on top which is misleading I’d guess. Never mind I am not bothered with this issue directly.

  10. So Vaibhav, what is more advisable, on whch firmware should one flash to avail the skype video call feature Global version or the USA version.How will one know that this is the Global version.

  11. Vaibhav,

    What are these localisation differences that you have noticed between the India version of PR 1.2 and the Lobal version. Can you list a few.

  12. I’ve noticed nothing. May be access points for some operators are pre configured or something. In short, flash without worry, you are not missing out on anything.

  13. @lonu Crtl+Shift+R doesn’t work for mine… it was for MicroB in PR1.1, now i just needa turn it to portrait by holding it portraitly.

    @Vaibhav Sharma does it come with any free gift for launch day purchases or pre-orders?
    just FYI, the device is not available throughout M’sia, only to some locations or some shops mostly in KL, do you think it’s possible that they’d do the same for India that not every place will be available? …like what ramu_kaka was told…

  14. (The Nokia N900 Launch Event In India – Goes On Sale June 9)
    is this Fake.
    I ask to nokia support (80-30303838) and they say no offical news yet.
    ask to Nokia Office (01244833000) and they say not yet take time.

    What is going on

    Please reply.

  15. Veenu,

    N900 has been launched in India, as you would have learnt from this post. It takes time for the Product to reach the stores after the Launch. Atleast in Mumbai N900 starts selling in the stores from June-11th is what I heard leatest.

    The Customer Service in Nokia would not have this information, as no company would like to talk about the product unless it reaches the Retail stores and is in the hand of actual users.


    After purchasing Nokia 97 i realise With

    What you see is you not get that.

    After too many symbians(3,4,5) and with user frustrated Experianc.
    nokia invents a OS Called MEAMO (Opppps Linux). I know that is a achievement of NOKIA N900.

    Linux Rulz
    | — |\ | | | \ /
    | | | \ | | | \ /
    —– — | \ | |____| / \

  17. Hey Vaibhav,

    You said earlier you had the Indian version of PR 1.2 and you the flashed to the global version of PR 1.2.

    Have you noitced any difference in your battery performance, Has Flashing again to the PR 1.2 weakened your battery performance, is it eating your battery faster than it used to before Flashing.

  18. Its available in bangalore with pouch and bluetooth for INR 28,500/- and INR 26,000/- for just the phone.

  19. Hi VS,

    Where in Bangalore did you get the pouch? And for how much? Is it a hard case or a normal leather case?


  20. today i asked a dealer abt N900 bt he said we sell the phone which r brought from other countries .Nd yet it has to be launched in DELHI nd latter on in MUMBAI . So i said my bro to get me N900 from London nd he got me the phone .

  21. well, i did flash to the global firmware and used it for over a week. but the problem was that battery life made it hardly usable. even when idleing, i.e. no gprs, no 3g ofcourse, no wifi, no vibration on messages, no auto-email, no auto weather, no applications running etc. the phone barely worked till late evening say 9 p.m. now i reflashed it back to the indian firmware n the whole day has passed with about 1/2 hr wifi, 1 hr gprs, about 1/2 hr calling n receiving n battery is down to 60%. the pertinent thing here to note is that the battery only charged to 86% *full charge) as per hal-device. donno why. some battery gadgets report the full charged battery as 96%.

  22. The other day only I was taking about Nokia should now finally announce the Maemo 5-powered phone, the Nokia N900, and voila! It’s finally here!

  23. Hello,

    I am searching for Nokia N900, i am in Mumbai(bombay), but i havent able to find anywhere,

    can anyone get me the details like price and store name and locality in mumbai.



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