USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900

At this point I am wondering if there is something that the community cannot do with the N900? The latest in the line of hacks to come out for the N900 is USB Host Mode. The same functionality that will out of the box on the Nokia N8, can greet your N900 as well if you are happy to hack around quite a bit.

As you can see from the following pictures, connecting a USB flash drive is a go and it pops up in the File Manager once connected.

USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900

USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900

If you would like more than one flash drive connected, that is a possibility too.

USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900

USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900

At this point it is not available for the average consumer to try, but if modding is your thing, here is the garage entry for it. If you would like to follow this development more closely, this is the thread to keep an eye on.

17 thoughts on “USB Host Mode Comes To The Nokia N900”

  1. This is _NOT_ ready for users yet.

    We are still screwing around with getting it working cleanly.

    At the moment, it sort-of works, but not reliably.

    The goal is to have all you need be the standard USB cable, and a F-F adaptor.
    That’s it.

    You simply plug these in, and then you can plug in keyboards, mice, and some memory sticks.

    Higher drain stuff will need a a powered hub.

    See for more details.

  2. This is great progress!
    Already seen a Male Micro USB to Female USB Adaptor on ebay.
    Hard to imagine what possibilities this offers.
    Thank you very much to all programmers as well as the people who spend their time to make the N900 the best device out there!

  3. Now we’re talking some serious battery drainage :oP

    But I do like that idea 100%
    As soon as Apple think they’re winning the Maemo Community p**s on their fire.

  4. cool job – for regular computer work an external keyboard will transform life – now to find an external screen fix….

  5. smells like plagiat

    Here and way before, a lot of people were investigating that and none of them was able to reproduce such simple setup as suggested above.

    Anyway, keep patient, *real* hostmode coming soon.
    We’re working on it

    Openmoko HW & Synergy
    IRC: DocScrutinizer
    First USB hostmode fanatic

  6. this is such wonderful work, Really I like it so much
    actually I think this will open anew horizon of a very wide usage in the near future

    just imagine the bunch of devices which use the USB to connect to the PC
    I think the HARDWARE-vendors will re-think about developing Drivers for the maemo OS after all πŸ™‚

  7. Great work guys, it’s fantastic that the community have people like you pushing this wonderful device. Looking forward to user friendly Host Mode, and more than willing to contribute financially to such a beast!!!



  8. I have a HUAWEI EC1260 HSIA USB stick (branded as TATA PHOTON). Wondering if i could connect this to N900 and and use it as High speed connectivity device.

  9. Hi all,

    congrats , making N900 a better device

    i own nokia N8 though and my question is same as milind

    is it possible to use tata photon stick internet(HUAWEI EC1261 HSIA USB stick) on nokia N8


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