Ovi Store June Stats: Nokia’s Low-Mid End Devices Rule Downloads

Bill Perry of Nokia’s just published the latest Ovi Store stats for the month of June, what is missing is figures like total number of downloads, growth vis-a-vis last month and so on, but his post does provide an insight into the handsets people are using to download content off the Ovi Store.

Ovi Store June Stats: Nokia's Low-Mid End Devices Rule The Roost

Off the cuff when you think of apps stores, you think of (at least I do) people with high end smartphones busy downloading the latest apps but in reality as these stats show, its about the volume which comes from low-mid end devices that may or may not be smartphones. One thing that I have noted over the last few years is that the average guy on the street may have no clue what apps are, but if you look at his phone, he will have a few custom themes on it and I can image such would be items people are downloading off the Ovi Store for devices like the Nokia 2700 Classic.

Bill goes on to provide a few highlights which are reproduced below:

  • Nokia touch (Symbian 5.0) comprise a majority of the top devices
  • 5230 is one of the top devices in six of the top countries
  • N900 is one of the top devices in five of the top countries
  • The new C3-00 is one of the top devices in Indonesia

Below is all of the specific information for the top 15 countries.

Top 15 countries (in alphabetical order)

China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Top Ovi Store devices by country (as of June 14, 2010 in alpha-numeric order, bold denotes new addition since last month)

  • China: 5230, 5233 (China Only), 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E63, E72, N86 8MP, N97, N97 mini, X6
  • Egypt: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5310 XpressMusic 5800 XpressMusic, 6300, E71, N75, N96, N97, X3
  • France: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N95, N95 8Gb, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • Germany: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, E72, N97, N97 mini, N900, N95, X6
  • India: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5310 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 7210 Supernova, E71,  N79, N97, N97 mini
  • Indonesia: 3120 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5300 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, c3-00, E63, E71, E72, N73
  • Italy: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, N73, N95, N95 8Gb, N97, N97 mini, N900, X3
  • Russian Federation: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6303 Classic, 6303I Classic, 6500 Slide, 6700 Classic, N97
  • Saudi Arabia: 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N75, N79, N82, N86 8MP, N96, N97, N97 mini
  • Spain: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E71, N85, N86 8MP, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • Thailand: 2700 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6500 Slide, E71, N97, N97 Mini, X3, X6
  • Turkey: 3120 Classic, 3600 Slide, 5800 XpressMusic, 6500 Slide, E71, E72, N73, N79, N97, X6
  • United Kingdom: 5230, 5530 Xpress Music, 5800 Xpress Music, E71, E72, E73, N97, N97 Mini, N900, X6
  • United States: 5230, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, E63, E71, E71x, E72, N97, N97 Mini, N900
  • Vietnam: 2700 Classic, 2730 Classic, 5130 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 6300, 6500, 7210 Supernova, E71, X3