Front View Turns The N900 Into A Very Good Document Scanner

We all take images of documents as a quick way of making notes, but the shots time time to compose so that you get the alignment right and so on. But if you have a N900, you no longer need to worry about that because benlau has published a brilliant app called Front View (FrontView900) that makes this process fun.

Front View Turns The N900 Into A Very Good Document Scanner

You can take the image anyway you want without having to align the document and the app will automatically detect which part of the image is the document and discard the rest of the image. Plus, it will also let you crop and rotate the shot you’ve just taken so that you have the perfect scan.

Not only that, it can detect multiple documents within one image and you can even manually select the part of the image you want. benlau has also put together a video showing off this really impressive application.

The application is currently in extras-testing, but at the rate it is going, it should soon be making it to Maemo Extras, I just voted for it myself.

Hat tip to @alextootchie for the find.

6 thoughts on “Front View Turns The N900 Into A Very Good Document Scanner”

  1. It does not work for me.. I take pictures but I can’t see them in Front View, am I doing something wrong? or how can I use this?

  2. Your pictures must be getting saved on the memory card. Switch to the internal storage from the camera settings. Or copy the images into the DCIM folder in the internal memory.

  3. My questions is what do you get after the detection, cropping and scanning took place, is it like an OCR which I can search as a document or is just a JPG in the end that has been isolated from the rest of the image?

    Will the image be improved as the text might be blurry?
    Can I transform it into a PDF?

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