Here's Your Final Chance To Enter The Maemo Masters Invitational

As you may be aware, we have been holding the ‘Maemo Master’s Invitational’ here on The MeeGo Blog for the past four weeks, and its time to move into the final week of the contest. Under this we have partnered with Nokia India to bring you the ability to purchase a ‘Maemo Masters Edition’ of the N900 that comes with special goodies including a Maemo Masters T-Shirt and a cool BH-214 stereo bluetooth headset.

Here's Your Final Chance To Become A Maemo Master

So basically, you pay the same price that you normally would have, but also get to take home some very cool swag, I specially like the BH-214 which allows you to plug-in any headset that you like and turn it into a bluetooth headphone. Since this is the last week and I am feeling generous, I’ll make entering the ‘Maemo Masters Invitational ‘ super easy. There are three ways to enter:

  • Simply comment on this post with a valid email address; or
  • Follow @TheMeeGoBlog on Twitter and send us an @ reply letting us know that you are interested; or

For week 3 and 4’s winners, I’ll be in touch via email. Good luck.

Note: Only valid if you are in India.

7 thoughts on “Here's Your Final Chance To Enter The Maemo Masters Invitational”

  1. I have already purchased on standard N900 but would not mind getting the Maemo Masters Edition

  2. i would love to add maemo master addtion to my gizmo bag!! as i am already using n900 for more then 6months now… i can just say that everyday, i just fall in love with my n900 all over again and again. All credits to maemo!! the best OS EVER!

    Oh and would like to have the maemo tshirt too..

    Vishal Bhanushali

  3. I have already purchased my N900 too, and I would not mind getting the Maemo Master Edition too 🙂

  4. I have an n900 aswell but that maemo masters edition sounds to good to turn down, i want in:)

  5. Hi Vaibhav,

    First of all, love your Blog.

    I know i am late for this Invitational but i am going to get a N900 anyways.

    Keep up the good work dude.


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