I Will Be Playing With The N8 Come Friday, Any Questions?

Nokia India has very kindly invited me to an exclusive preview of the Nokia N8, a device I have been wanting to get my hands on for a very long time. To say that I am excited is an understatement, for the the simple reason that the N8 brings functionality that I have wanted to ages. USB on-the-go and support for a bluetooth mouse in addition to all the other awesome functionality such as HD video capture, 12 MP stills, capacitive multitouch OLED display and I could go on.

So I will be going to New Delhi, come Friday to put the N8 through its paces and go over it with a fine tooth comb. If you have anything questions, or things I must check out, do let me know and I will be sure to get you answers.


Fortunately, by this time the N8 firmware should have also reached a certain level of maturity and we will get a good idea of what thinks will be like when it launches in late September.

I cannot wait.

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  1. Hey thats Gr8.. Lucky U!
    Well i need to know how good N8 is when it comes to multitasking. I expect it to be lot better theb n97 mini/e90.. Since N95 8gb and e90 no device was as good at that time.. infact these devices were future phones.. let hope so is the new n8.
    since u have a n900, can u do some size comparision with n8 (pics/videos will be awesome)
    also i would like to know actual battery perfomance.. i hope its better then n900.. i cant believe my e90 was such an amazing device, which gave me allmost all things n900 has plus outstanding batter life.. wow.. miss u e90.. lol
    anyways.. i hope u do a mini review n get some nice pics n videos..
    size comparision with n97 mini would be nice too..

  2. I would like to know how many programs/apps will be availabe in the Ovi Store when the N8 with S^3 comes out. Also I would like to know if its possible to update from the interim S^3 to the soon to follow S^4.
    Thanks a lot and have fun play with the flagship 🙂

  3. Most Symbian touch apps should work fine on the N8 as well, so you can rest assured about the number of apps.

    I will try and find out about S^3 to S^4 update, but I have my doubts.

  4. Woah !! congrats dude…. I wish they had given such a chance to me tooo … equally excited about N8…. really envy you now …

    Couple of things I wanted to know ..

    1> searching a song in music library.
    2> Queue the songs from different album for playing.
    3> How does typing a url in browser work ?? ( does it filter while typing .. like phonebook style).
    4> text selection work in browser ?
    5> long press option for copy and paste.

    I hope these are not too much to ask..

    thanks in advance … and all the best 🙂

    cheers !!

  5. Bro please through some light on sms features,about smilies,conversation sms,do tell whether is alphnumeric keypad option in the landscape mode…congo 🙂

  6. 1) Is it possible to paste a xx character wpa key into the requesting box (unlike s60v5)?

    2) How’s the video playback?!

    3) Just how fluid is the operation of the phone when using it? When, if at all, do you notice lags that one might not notice on other top-end competitive devices?

    4) Any signs of an Internet Radio app?

  7. Iv seen a lot of touch screen phones out there…played with them and am of the opinion that the iPhone still has the best touchscreen experience out there (not the best phone by any means).
    – Would be nice to see a comparison of the touchscreen responsiveness,scrolling,cover flow,etc.
    – I am a Symbian fan (although many out there detest it). But Nokia still needs to polish the interface a little. Wanted to see how the N8 handles this aspect.
    – Is the Hardware able to keep up with the software seamlessly?.
    – Iv noticed that even the top notch Nokia devices are having issues with the quality of construction. The materials used give it a sort of cheap, plastic feel…your take on that would be nice.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi, I’d like to know about the homescreen. Are the transitions between the 3 homescreens fluid like on maemo 5 and android. For example in some of the videos i’ve seen when someone flicks to the next screen on the homescreen there is a short pause and the next screen just appears there is no movement / sliding from one screen to the next. Where as on some other videos it actually smoothly scrolls to the next screen. Is this a setting you can switch on and off? Thanks.

  9. I see from some previews that the N8 has SIP configuration options, but it doesn’t sound like it includes VoIP/internet telephony capabilities.

    Please check whether the “Call->Internet call” is still present along with the voice and video call options, and whether there is an Internet Telephony app. or Tools->Settings->Connections->Internet tel.

    Perhaps, like the e72, the SIP stack is present but the Internet Telephony app. will be downloadable separately?

    The N8 has ticked all of my other boxes so far, to be my next phone – but if they’ve dropped the native SIP stack and VoIP capability I’ll have to keep waiting.

  10. Vaibhav,

    Appreciate if you could try these for me. I am holding on from getting myself an iphone 4 based on these factors

    1) How quick is the GPS satellite aquisition and location accuracy
    2) Normal phone reception
    3) UI responsivenes(possibly with lots of applications installed)

    All these compared against an N7

    thanks in advance.

  11. The only thing i am concerned about is the ability to upgrade from S^3 to S^4. 6 months down the line i don’t want to be left with an already extinct OS on my new phone. How can people spend their hard earned money on this phone fully knowing (Officially) that S^4 will be released in 6 months.

    Nokia usually hand out just bug fixes in the name of software updates. Not a single Nokia phone released has received even a feature pack update for free. They are interested in making people buy a new phone for using the next version of the software.

    Compare this to the OS updates that Android and Iphone receive. They receive major OS updates as long the old hardware is capable of handling it smoothly.

    People expect the hardware they buy to receive the latest software until the hardware is unable to keep up with the software. Thats when they think of buying new & improved hardware.

    Hope you will be able to put this through to any one capable of taking decisions at Nokia.

    I have been using an N82 for about the last 3 years and i am moving over to an Android (Galaxy S) unless Nokia commits to an upgrade from S^3 to S^4 before the N8 is launched.

    The best reply i have heard from Nokia to date is that they have not yet decided on providing an upgrade. I believe they will tell you the same.

  12. What color looks the most striking between the Silver and Black? I’m trying to decide between those 2 colors.

    What is the build, metal or plastic?


  13. Dontforget to make a video showing you playing with n8 quickly, open many apps at the same time,

  14. Riad

    The N8 is encased in a one-piece shell of anodised aluminium (aluminum) with a glass screen. So it will look and feel similar to an iPhone.

    If you can’t decide whether you prefer Black or Silver how do you expect Vaibhav Sharma to tell you? Its a matter of personal taste – go ask your mama if you want someone to tell you what to like.

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