How To Make Your N900’s FM Transmitter Work In The 76.0Mhz – 107.9Mhz Range

The FM transmitter on the Nokia N900 is one of my favourite features. The N900 was not the first Nokia to have it but the first to actually have a usable one. This was because you could boost the FM transmitter output and thus get clear sound even in slightly congested airwaves.

How To Make Your N900's FM Transmitter Work In The 76.0Mhz - 107.9Mhz Range

But in a city like Dubai or LA, its virtually impossible to get a station where there is no interference from other air waves and this makes the FM transmitter much less useful. But as with most of the N900’s other features, there’s a mod to make it even better and a simple hack can make the N900’s FM transmitter broadcast at anything between the 76.0Mhz – 107.9Mhz range. This means that you can go below the N900’s default 88 Mhz and easily find a clear station as there are no FM stations broadcasting at under 88 Mhz due to government regulations and other reasons. All you need is a FM tuner that supports these frequencies.

Here is how to perform the mod:

  • The first thing you need to do is uninstall the FM Boost and FM Transmitter Widget if you have them installed. Also install any other app/widget that interacts with the FM transmitter. The reason I recommend doing it is because from what I have read, some users have had problems. For the majority it shouldn’t matter.
  • Next, download this file, unzip it and transfer it to the N900. Make sure you keep in on the N900’s internal storage and not inside any folder.
  • Open the Terminal and enter ‘sudo gainroot‘ without the quotes. If you do not have ‘rootsh’ installed, install it from the Application Manager before you enter this command.
  • Next enter ‘cd /home/user/MyDocs/‘.
  • Now enter ‘mv fmtxd /usr/sbin/‘. If you want to backup your default files first, use ‘mv /usr/sbin/fmtxd /usr/sbin/fmtxd_old‘.
  • Followed by ‘cd /usr/sbin/‘.
  • Then ‘chmod +x fmtxd‘.
  • Finally ‘fmtxd -d‘.
  • Now close the terminal.
  • Now open the Application Manger and install an app called ‘FMTX Faker’.
  • You will find it in the ‘Settings’ menu. Open it and confirm.

That’s it, the FM transmitter on your N900 can now broadcast at anything between 76.0Mhz – 107.9Mhz and the power is also boosted to 120 so you will not need the FM Boost application anymore. The N900 just became more awesome. Follow this TMO thread for more. Original hack by Jacek Milewicz.

PS: Please undertake the above at your own risk. It may also be illegal to use the above frequencies in your country. You have been warned.

14 thoughts on “How To Make Your N900’s FM Transmitter Work In The 76.0Mhz – 107.9Mhz Range”

  1. This would be awsome if you use it inside a car that travels between destinations where allocated frequencies change. However, my guess is that pretty much all car radios this side of the Great Wall of China is set to 88.0-107.9 because of governement regulations.

  2. shitttt…..please someone help me…when i open my fm transmitter it gives me a message that unable to use fm transmitter….i tried every possible thing but nothing takes me back…..please give me something to make my tranmitter back to the safe old default settings….and sorry to say
    by mistake i deleted the old fmtx file….pleaseee some one…..

  3. @iqbal, Please visit

    If you are running into problems. The message is normal, basically if you have “rootsh” installed then you can simply switch to Xterminal and type the following command right after you see the message “unable to use FM transmitter”.

    The commands are:
    sudo gainroot
    chmod +x /usr/sbin/fmtxd
    killall fmtxd
    fmtxd -d

    Now if you haven’t installed FM-Faker previously then you should start doing now.
    App manager -> Extra-Devel repository enabled -> FM-Fake

    Once you’ve done that then Open up Media player and click on the menu bar to enable FM-Transmitter. Again if you see the message again just type the above command. Once your FM-Transmitter is no longer complaining then it should works like it supposed to.

    This hack doesn’t install anything harmful to your device at all. It is just a simple application frequency limit hack. The only thing that may effect is your FM-Transmitter frequency and signal strength (maximum Always when FM Transmitter is enabled).

    I hope this help.
    Here is the link to the video as proof of working FM transmitter after the hack 🙂

    If you want the orignal file then go to the forum ( ) and download it. It should be there. Just look through.

  4. Hi

    I have some pb to install this file! Need some confirmation on how to!

    First: When i launch sudo gainroot, it tell me “enable RD mode if you wisch to break your device”… what does it mean, is it normal or it recommend me to enable RD mode

    Then when i write “mv fmtxd /usr/sbin/” it ask me if i want to overwrite! Shoud i answer or follow the tutorial?

    At the end, when i type “fmtxd -d” it tell me fmtxd not found

    And first question! Your file fmtxd is already unzipped? On my Win7, fmtxd does not appear to be zipped! I use Winrar.

    Need help, please

  5. hi there, I followed all instructions, downloaded fm faker, could not carry out final step as the faker was not in the settings menu as described. please advise.

  6. Hi,

    I installed the the PR 1.3 mod successfully and the frequencies are unlocked. According to the mod the power is already boosted too 120, but when i checked in x-term by typing cat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0063/power_level it still shows power level at 111.

    i’m a noob so please show some step by step to boost the power..

    Thanks & Regards.

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