Swype Comes To Symbian, Makes Me Look Forward To The N8 Even More

Swype is an alternate text entry system that makes makes entering words on a touch based device ridiculously easy. You no longer need to be accurate when you hit the screen and all you do is ‘swype’ across the on-screen keyboard with one continuous finger or stylus motion and the software accurately guesses the word you were wanting to enter. I have been using Swype on the Galaxy S, for over a month now and I am incredibly glad to see this application come to Symbian.

Swype For Symbian

The best part about Swype is that it learns new words very easily, automatically picks up names from your phonebook and also remembers the words that you have typed manually so that you can just Swype them next time. For times when you do not want to Sywpe, you can use the very same keyboard as a regular QWERTY keyboard. The following video from the Nokia Beta labs team should help explain Swype even more.

Swype is currently available on the Nokia N97, N97mini, X6, 5800, and 5230 with support for more devices expected soon. Do keep in mind that there is a very brief learning curve when you first start Swyping, so persist before you give up. This bunch of support videos should also help you get started.

Key features

  • Standard QWERTY keyboard layout makes Swype easy to learn
  • Use a stylus or finger – Swype’s amazing input path analyzer allows you to go fast and sloppy. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest
  • Double Tap Editing – Make a mistake? Double tap on a word to bring up a list of other possible matches.
  • Auto-Spacing
  • Auto-Capitalization
  • Auto Spelling Correction
  • Automatic Help – Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might benefit from a particular feature and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions
  • Instant access to Symbols, Numbers and Editing functions
  • 65,000-word Learning Dictionary – Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. If it isn’t, just tap it out once followed by a space and Swype will remember it for future use.

Download Swype for Symbian from Nokia’s Beta Labs.

In my N8 preview, I said ‘At the current stage I will have to give the N8 a 8/10 but if the browser gets updated and we get Swype for text entry, that score will easily rise to 9.5/10 for me’.

I assume Swype for N8 will be out when it ships and all indications do point to a new browser as well. Needless to say, the N8 just became even better in my eyes.

6 thoughts on “Swype Comes To Symbian, Makes Me Look Forward To The N8 Even More”

  1. Dis is interesting…now N8 becomes more value fr everything…the most complete fone till date…NOKIA ROCKS

  2. I was very interested to see this, but SlideIT is already available in the Ovi Store, and recently halved in price.

    I put SlideIt on my N97 mini as soon as I could. The comparison is:

    Swype is more attractive, has better system integration (SlideIt disabled the hardware keyboard until it is disabled itself, and doesn’t work in most third-party applications) and is slightly easier to use (SlideIt has a problem with being too close to the edge of screen).

    Swype has a performance lag attached to it that is really annoying. There needs to be some fine-tuning before beta2 is released. SlideIt is slick in portrait, has a lag in landscape. Swype is slicker in landscape.

    Swype uses double-tap and long-tap, so that gives it the edge over SlideIt from usability in addition to being seamlessly incorporated into the system soft keyboard.

    But they really, really need to address the lag issue.

  3. I think last paragraph was Swype for N8 and not Symbian for N8…eventhough I do want Symbian to be ready for N8 as well and not disappoint like the N97

  4. Is there any actual verification that Swype will be available for the N8?

    It seems, according to Nokia Beta Labs, that this is not the case. I haven’t seen any confirmation that Swype actually ships with the N8, nor have I found a download that’s confirmed to work on the N8.

    I agree that Swype would be an important feature of the N8. But I don’t think it’s yet available for the N8.

    Have I missed something?

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