Hands On With The Nokia E7

Hands On With The Nokia E7I have just got back from day one of Nokia World and clearly the star of the show was the Nokia E7, a device that Nokia believes is the ultimate ‘business’ smartphone. It has a great keyboard which has a zero learning curve, the keys are nicely spaced out, the sides offer a good grip and you can fire away almost immediately you pick up the device.

There are also the usual Symbian ^3 goodies like USB on-the-go, support for bluetooth mice and keyboard. There is also HDMI, 720P HD video capture and a gorgeous 4″ display that packs Nokia’s new CBD technology. ‘CBD’ stands for ‘Clear Black Display’ and Nokia could have easily thought of a more fancy name, but that’s not who they are. The display theoretically works well in sunlight and I can tell you for a fact that the colours pop out much better, the blacks look great and the 4″ display on the E7 looks pretty amazing. Its just let down by the 640 x 460 resolution.

With that in mind, here is a five minute hands on demo of the E7 that I shot literally minutes ago.

What do you think of the E7?

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  1. I’m really torn between purchasing the N8 or old holding out for the E7. I think if the N8 had a 4″ CBD AMOLED screen, I’d buy it. That extra half an inch of screen makes a world of difference when browsing the web, playing games or looking at documents. Having used SWYPE now for a week or two, I don’t think I need a physical keyboard anymore and I was a HUGE advocate for them. The E7 looks to be a very promising phone.

  2. Thanks for the great hands-on!
    I’m very tempted by this phone at the moment. I’ve had my N97 mini for over a year now and still love it. Mainly because of the great keyboard. And the first thing that caught my eye on the E7 is how similar the keyboard looks.
    In addition, a screen that looks pretty sharp and clear and a faster UI.
    I’d love to see some photos comparing the E7 with the N97 mini, though. So far I’ve only seen photos comparing it with the N8 and the iP**** 4 🙂

  3. I agree with what David Puffer says (1st comment) about screen size & keyboard. Swype is quite impressive and for the occasional times I need more than tapping or swyping, I’d pack my Bluetooth keyboard (and now a ‘lil mouse too!). Yes, I’m leaning towards the N8 but I do have some screen envy. If the resolution was greater, the E7 would definitely be more appealing.

    They’re otherwise very similar. According to GSM arena’s specs:

    The N8 improves over E7 with a 12MP camera & Xenon flash, expandable storage (MicroSD card slot) and a FM transmitter.

    The E7 trumps the N8 with a 1GB ROM, a physical keyboard and of course the 4.0″ screen. It also says the E7 has “Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic”?

  4. Active Noise Cancellation means that the smartphone is able to filter out background noise by utilising two micrphones. Basically means call quality for the person you are calling with E7 (or C7) is noticably improved.

  5. Just look at that screen rotation lag and random flipping at the start. Slicing the battery to 1200mah just to make it slim enough for the style over function fashion victims is another fail. Even the most versatile phone is a waste of time if you live in fear of it giving out before day is over and have to turn off all the services too conserve the last mW. We had enough of that with the N900.

  6. I think it nothing special… How the **** are you gona type on querty on such a slim phone… N97 is much better…

  7. Northerner, to be fair, that is proto software that you are looking at. On the battery front, the 1200 mAh does sound bad but the Nokia people were pretty confident that a day’s use is still possible.

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