An Interview With Damian Dinning – Shot On A N8

At Nokia World last week I was able to catch up with Nokia’s camera king Damian Dinning (@PhoneDaz) for an interview. Not only was it a sheer pleasure interviewing someone so deeply involved with Nokia’s camera phones, but it was also a perfect opportunity to see what the Nokia N8 was capable of when it came to video recording.

The conditions were as bad as they get. Strong moving lights, a ton of noise and background music. So was the conversation we had audible? I’m glad to say that the N8’s dual microphones were at their best and we got some pretty nice footage. In case you were wondering, we talked about video stabilization, the new EDOF cameras on the new Symbian ^3 devices and what ‘new’ is in store for the N8.

To get an idea of what the N8 is capable of, might I suggest watching the interview in HD.

So the new EDOF camera might even pleasantly surprise the not so keen photographers after all. I saw some shots taken from a C7 and they were not bad at all, even the large 8 x10″ and bigger prints looked great. Much thanks to Iain Wallace at Do It Different for shooting the video on his N8.

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