The Super Fast & Smooth Photos App On The N8

Consuming high megapixel photos on a mobile is never fun. The phone, no matter how fast it is, can never seem to keep up when you start flicking through them in the gallery. The Nokia N8 takes humongous 12 megapixel images, which as you can image must be a nightmare to load.

 The Super Fast & Smooth Photos App On The Nokia N8

Even the latest 1 Ghz Android devices with their 5 Megapixel Cameras have trouble making those images fly, so you can image what it must be like on the supposedly ‘low spec’ N8?

Its blazing fast. You can keep swiping and the next image will keep on coming. I tried the Photos app on the N8 with over 400 images and video already inside it and it just kept throwing one photo after another with no lag whatsoever. Don’t believe me, watch this video in glorious HD.

The only nag that I could see was that the pinch to zoom was not as responsive as it is on a few other devices, you need to go a little slower and then things workout fine. May be its the way Nokia’s made it. That being said, the device I had was still not running commercial software so things might change by the time the N8 hits shelves.

Impressed? You should be!

10 thoughts on “The Super Fast & Smooth Photos App On The N8”

  1. The actual app for scrolling through the photos looks great! And while scrolling through photos quickly is amazing, I’m more curious about the actual quality of the photos taken once loaded onto a computer and viewed in a bigger screen. Any chance we can see some of the photos you’ve taken uploaded to be viewed with as much zoom as we want?

  2. I’m glad to hear positive reviews for the N8 I would like to buy it but its going to be subject to performance. The photo gallery does look fast but how will it perform with 5 or 6 apps open and syncing email and then maybe a call coming in?

    I must admit a 680mhz processor scares me a bit as modern apps need so much computing power and most competitors have at least a 1ghz processor (1.5 and 2 ghz just around the corner). As long as its a slick and smooth UI with no lag then it’ll be a winner.

    Eldar of mobile review did a review back in April saying it was slow so hopefully in the intervening 5 months or so this has been addressed.

  3. @smartfonefan: It’s well known that Symbian is so well engineered that it doesn’t need a processor anywhere near as fast as Android devices (or iPhone) to give better performance, and also that Android is NOT a good OS and needs that 1GHz CPU to make it work properly.

    The ‘review’ by Eldar has been completely discredited since it came out – he has been proven a liar, and someone out to attack Nokia continually. The hardware he reviewed was not at all the same as the released N8 and the software was barely the same either.

  4. @Vaibhav: Concerning the pinch-to-zoom, is it right that there is quite a delay from the point of time that you pinch the screen and the reaction of the device?

    I’m strongly thinking about buying this (so far) great phone. Moreover, all the time that I read your N8 articles, I feel more and more comfortable with the idea using the N8.

    So, would you say that this “pinch-to-zoom delay issue” is something which annoys you while using the phone in everyday life?

    – Alex

  5. Well, its down to the style of using pinch to zoom. As you can see from the video if I move my fingers too quickly, the screen won’t respond. However if I am slow and deliberate, it picks up the action. Its not a deal breaker, could be much better, with time you will probably get used to it.

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