The Nokia C7 Is Now Shipping

Close in the heels of the Nokia N8, the C7 is now shipping within a month of its announcement. The Nokia C7 is a slim full-touch device and will be the second Symbian ^3 phone to hit the market. Judging by the time the Nokia N8 has taken to hit shops around the world, you can expect the C7 in stores in the coming 2-3 weeks.

The Nokia C7 Is Now Shipping

The C7 has an estimated price of EUR 335 before applicable taxes or subsidies, with pricing and availability varying from region to region, operator to operator. I had a play with the C7 at Nokia World and will be bringing you my impressions in due course.

The C7 has the same guts as the N8 and the only major difference between them is the camera. The C7’s 8 Megapixel EDOF Camera versus the Nokia N8’s 12 Megapixel AF Camera. Will this news make a difference to your N8 purchase considering the C7 is just slightly cheaper than the former?

Kudos to Nokia for announcing a device and shipping it within a month.

3 thoughts on “The Nokia C7 Is Now Shipping”

  1. I really like the C7 much more than the N8 because it’s so compact and slim and has the same power as the N8 sans the cam. What I really like is that Nokia went the three button rout on front having a dedicated call (green) and kill call/app (red) button, A MUST HAVE ON ANY PHONE!!!

    The reason the N8/E7 lack those buttons must be because Nokia realized later that copying Apple with only one button on front is not a good idea and prolly were too far into production to make the adjustment. KUDOS TO THE MANAGER WHO MADE THIS DECISION! The C7 must have come later and benefits from that stupid realization. I only hope they’ll stick to this three button design method for good (on touch phones anyway).

  2. When wil C7-00 will be available in Kolkata(India) ?
    I also want to have a glimple of pricing of this phone.

  3. Hey,

    I like C7 more than N8 as it is very compact and slim one with reasonable has great features also. Thanks for sharing this discussion as i have got lot of information from this.

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