Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

In an apparent effort to help those of you not whizzing away on high speed 3G or WiFi networks, Nokia has cut down the average download size of all its tracks by more than half on the Ovi Music Store in India. While this means that your average track in now barely 2 MB in size, the new found feather weight does come at a price. The new low bitrate means that the music no longer sounds as nice and at times is even worse than listening to your local radio station on the phone. It is quite all right if you plan on playing it through the loudspeaker, but the moment you plug in your headphones or use the FM transmitter, the difference in quality becomes obvious.

Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

(A Random Download From The Ovi Store)

Fortunately, Nokia still offers the same higher quality downloads via the Ovi Player on the PC. But if you use a Mac, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to high quality music from the Ovi Store, unless of course you are happy dual booting.

Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

(The Same Track On The Ovi Player For PC)

While I do see Nokia’s best intentions in pleasing the majority who probably don’t use fast connections, I would be much more happy if they did allow users to choose between the different qualities while downloading directly from the phone. After all, even on a GPRS connection, I’d rather have one good quality track than two which sound bad.

Since they already have both versions on the music on their servers, adding a second ‘Download in high quality’ button shouldn’t be such a tough job, because in its current state, considering I use a Mac, I might have to reconsider Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives.

What would you rather have? Lighter downloads or higher quality?

9 thoughts on “Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half”

  1. OMG i completely understand this as i just downloaded some 25+ tracks but felt that either the clarity or headphone has got problem, but now i understand who is the culprit. But as you said, the download size according the type of connection isnt sounds nice and clear.

  2. Yeah i noticed the small file sizes of the songs too! I definitely prefer high quality to small file size. I actually quit downloading from ovi music due to this (also due to music transfer hassles and inability to set the song as ringtone)

  3. I generally have my songs set to a lower bit rate, but too low does mean poor quality.
    Has anyone checked what the actual bit rate is?

  4. I guess they have just changed to more optimal codec. For me & my sennheisers the sound quality hasn’t reduced!

  5. Cmon..
    imean wtf is dis..?/
    they shud have created an option
    i use wifi for downlaoding on my n8…
    nokia is degrading day by day..:(

  6. Is this set for all country?
    here in indonesia, I still got 5 to 10megs per song downloaded to my 5230 using Three 3.5G networks…

  7. The current bitrate is set to 32 kbps… but wait! Its not a MP3. Its EAAC+. In other words, its an M4A file, ok?

    This codec can emulate a MP3’s 128 kbps quality in 32 kbps only, as it involves lots of compression.

    So, size has reduced but quality is now better… You will feel its 128-160 kbps file, but it is 32 only.
    I’m listening to some downloaded songs on my 808 Pureview. Yes, I had N8 before and what good multimedia devices these both are!!

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