How To Download .SIS Files From The Ovi Store To Your Computer

The Ovi Store doesn’t let you download .SIS files directly to your desktop in order to manually install them on the phone. From the desktop website, the maximum you can can do is send yourself a link to the app via a text message. But if you need to download a large game and are without WIFI, you are pretty much out in the cold.

How To Download .SIS Files From The Ovi Store To Your Computer

Fortunately, while looking at Ian Wallace’s Lapsed app, I came across a handy way to download SIS files directly to your desktop. The method works for free apps only and needs you be signed into the Ovi Store with a phone selected. Then simply add the words “/download” to the URL in your bar. The “/download” needs to be added after the numerical identifier.

For example, if you want to download NFS HD and see the following in the title bar:

change it to:

That’s it. The best part is that you can even pause downloads and resume from where you left. Once you have the SIS file, transfer it to your phone via USB or bluetooth and install as you would any other app.

23 thoughts on “How To Download .SIS Files From The Ovi Store To Your Computer”

  1. Also handy when you do a format, no need to download those HD games all over again. Also nice for people who have problems with Ovi Store on the phone.

    Nokia should add some polish and make this an official feature.

  2. Sometimes the downloaded file ends with a .dm then you have to convert it to .sis or .sisx google for notepad ++ dm to sis.

  3. most apps i cannot install on n8. it’s showing file not supported. have also converted to .sis from .sisx, same error.

  4. thanx dude it rlly works!!!
    awesom!! no need to wait for files to download in the mobile!!
    thanx a lot!

  5. Excellent, brilliant, useful trick. My browser is mozilla and all application are downloaded instantly. Thanks

  6. yeah its a good idea it worked but what to do after downloading at pc there’s an extension like and it won’t be installed at phone i am having much more trouble while installing these apps rather than downloading them do you have any idea how to do it????i tried a few tricks which were available but none of them worked…..:'(….so pls if you can help me….:)…..<3….


  8. Hey guys.. Some days ago im aslo facing this problem i.e. I need a third party like uc browser or opera mini to download apps from ovistore not only because for the fast downloading but aslo because there is an installation problem that it was only installed in the phone memory while using nokia ovi store launcher. As all buddies know that there is small phone memory in the symbian mobiles and using third parties to download apps from ovi store it will start downloading with .dm formate, which cant be installed directly by the mobile phones. So there are many methods for converting .dm to .sis but what can do any one who have no pc’s like me?

    I have found a simple trick to download apps in .sis/.sisx formate which can be installed in the memory card.

    Do You know how?

    This could be done with your own third party- the Nokia web browser, given with your nokia phone.

    Simply log on to ovi store, download apps, and instal it as you was formely been doing with other third parties.
    The downloading speed is much faster then the other parties but there is a little problem, that during surfing in ovi store, the ovi store launcher opens itself. Dont worry close that every time.
    I wish your ploblem to be soved.

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