Intel Disappointed With Nokia’s Move, But Puts Its Weight Behind MeeGo

Nokia today put MeeGo devices on the back burner by ushering in the Windows Phone 7 era. A direct fallout of this move is that Nokia’s MeeGo man Alberto Torres ‘has stepped down from the management team, effective February 10 to pursue other interests outside the company’ effectively saying, I go with MeeGo.

Intel Disappointed With Nokia's Move, But Puts Its Weight Behind MeeGo

Nokia still plans to ship one MeeGo device this year, but with the whole Qt ecosystem gone and virtually zero developer traction guaranteed, things aren’t looking up for Nokia’s MeeGo effort.

Meanwhile, Intel has put out the following statement:

While we are disappointed with Nokia’s decision, Intel is not blinking on MeeGo. We remain committed and welcome Nokia’s continued contribution to MeeGo open source.

Our strategy has always been to provide choice when it comes to operating systems, a strategy that includes Windows, Android, and MeeGo.  This is not changing.

MeeGo is not just a phone OS, it supports multiple devices. And we’re seeing momentum across multiple segments – automotive systems, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes and our Intel silicon will be in a phone that ships this year.

Although Intel spokeswoman Suzy Ramirez has later clarified that the last line doesn’t mean that there will be a MeeGo smartphone based on Intel’s hardware.

As much as well all wanted MeeGo to be the next big smartphone OS, without Nokia behind it, I don’t see it gaining any traction on smartphones. Like Intel points out, there are still other uses for MeeGo, but none of them as exciting.

[via: LaptopMag, The Register]

13 thoughts on “Intel Disappointed With Nokia’s Move, But Puts Its Weight Behind MeeGo”

  1. adopting wp7 at this early stage is a big mistake. I had an hd7 which I had sold off after using it for about a week… I dont understand what will u do be the hardware part when there is no software. For example..the phone has inbuilt compass sensor but no software and many more things like market place not available everywhere… Anyway it’s no surprise that nokia ditched meego…i maean they are the leader in this ditching part… take maemo as an example…

  2. sikram . you are so wrong of course nokia do their own development on win 7 as they say todey in here finland better camera funtions is numbwr one on the list and .the good thin is it that win 7 is a new only couple of monts old so the potential is sooo great did you really thik tha nokia would bring the current version in their phones do some research before judge nokias decicion

  3. really sad news…

    actually i have always hoped Maemo would be the chosen for the future, but rather Meego than Windows Phone…

    this is a real disappointment and i hope that Maemo get so much user contributement that Nokia reastablish Maemo as an official platform

  4. Sad to read that Nokia sold its future for (even unsure) short-term gains.

    1) WM7 has marginal market share. Most users intentionally buy Android which is more an “internet device”. See HTC which does it well by giving USERS the choice. Nokia will die with MS.

    2) In a future “internet of things” and other visions OS such as MAEMO would offer a far bright vision to new business and -maybe- leadership.

    Nokia did really everything wrong. Sorry, I give the CEO 12 Months, the company maybe 18. Happy I don’t own Nokia shares 🙂

  5. I think Nokia should just close it’s doors. That would be more strategy than they’ve been able to muster thus far.

  6. And yes Nokia is the leader in the “ditching” category. The Nokia N900 is the best phone tablet hardware that the common user (meaning the majority of people) cannot unleash because NOKIA failed to support it’s own product….again and again and again.

  7. chypy35

    i laugh of people that dont understand the real meaning of this nokia and microsoft deal win7 will be developed so much better that the version people today pitch about in different price and tech levels olso. and symbians plans continuing the new really nice ui facelift for to this millemium is great and comes couple of monts and today nokia told that olso up all high end symbian phones will have 1Ghz cpu and better gpu olso see this site

    and about maemo/meego will stay like 1-3 superhigh end phones main purpose to domonstrate new innovations and hardware .first should cam in olso in summer

  8. @mika peippo and all
    I so agree with you and i Am excited about MeeGo device launch. I love Qt and i think Nokia is not dumping it as it has around 75 million symbian devices with Qt framework in market and going to launch 150 million more so its pretty much clear that Qt’s future is good.Lets take it as Nokia added a new OS to its Os family and its going to be an added advantage for all the developers to not only create and sell the symbian Qt apps in its store but also to create and sell for windows as well. 🙂

    watch this :

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