Nokia Fans Breathe Easy – Multitasking & Other Improvements Coming To Windows Phone

When Nokia announced that its was making Windows Phone its primary smartphone operating system, in addition to the dismay that people felt because of the new position both Symbian and MeeGo were slated to be relegated to, was the fact that Nokia could well be moving towards a platform that offers a much weaker proposition in terms of basic capabilities like copy/paste, multitasking and so on.

Thankfully, all of you can now rest easy as Microsoft has in its MWC keynote announced that a bunch of new functionality, including multitasking, that is coming to Windows Phone in 2011 itself.

Nokia Fans Can Breathe Easy - Multitasking & A Bunch Of Other Improvements Are Coming To Windows Phone

(The new Windows Phone task switcher, activated by long pressing the back button)

Upcoming highlights include:

  • Copy and paste functionality via first major update, coming in the next month
  • Twitter integration directly into the People Hub in 2011
  • Support for Office documents in the cloud in 2011
  • Dramatically enhanced Web browser experience based on IE9 in 2011
  • A new wave of multitasking applications in 2011 (Apparently includes third party apps, although it is more about running background services than actual ‘multitasking’, will update)
  • Targeting significant volume of Nokia Windows Phones in 2012

Nokia Fans Can Breathe Easy - Multitasking & A Bunch Of Other Improvements Are Coming To Windows Phone

  • Also worth mentioning is the upcoming Xbox Live Kinect Windows Phone companion.

The bottom line is that Microsoft is quickly looking to fill in all the gaps in the Microsoft Windows Phone experience and we will not have to hope for Nokia and its ability to differentiate to brings to us such basic functionality that we have comes to expect from Nokia devices, instead they can concentrate something a lot more meaningful.

The timeline for these updates is 2011, while Nokia is also aiming to release a Nokia Windows Phone this year. So from the looks of things, everything should work out in time. You can read the full press release here.

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5 thoughts on “Nokia Fans Breathe Easy – Multitasking & Other Improvements Coming To Windows Phone”

  1. That doesn’t make me breath easy it further makes me not care about nokia anymore. This change in OS is the one and only change in OS that drives me away from nokia and I am in the target US market that nokia is vying for

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion. If you’ve further queries, please post your comments on We’ll be happy to assist you.

  3. what? by this year? u mean this quarter, right? it’s like asking ppl not to buy Nokia anymore.
    while Nokia targetted the market proportion in the States by engaging Windows OS, all the rest of the Symbian users have abandoned ship like the rest of the potential Maemo users.
    really hope another N8-like device in the future that could save Nokia from this exodus, i like many others in ASEAN will go over to the fruity brands or robotic brands.

  4. What a shame the Q2′ 2011 results are a big blow Time for some reality check either fire stephen elop or Elop learns a few tricks. Nokia needs mindshare and market share and unfortunately at the moment Nokia is not loosing but has lost both. Nokia N9 can be Nokia’s only saviour but thanx to Nokia’s rediculous PR the device is in deep doubts. Come on Nokia Elop said u ppl will jump from a burning paltform but it seems u guys are crazy to burn ur fingers and urselves. Do not let Nokia Die I plead request…. I was shattered with the Q2 and believe me Nokia may very well be a dead brand by 2012 if this fall in market share continues.

    So, what could be done?

    1. Immediate press release stating More devices on Qt and Harmattan to follow up. No tweets did u hear no tweete official release. Also state N9 is the begining and more wonders to come out as part of future disruptions. Make sure N9 creates a hysteria wat if it becomes a cult and niche product so is iphone but it wil get u premium revenue.

    2. Release N9 in more countries so wat if the basic hardware is same Nokia can be more cost effective if they release winning hardware solutions on different OSes give ppl the choice Remind u Nokia U have no longer the luxury to force ppl with OS choice so give ppl wat OS they want wats ur blood problem if Samsung can do and kick ur butt.

    Nokia hardware is still top notch and give ppl freedom to choose the OS. Hope u understand…….

    3. Relaunch aging N8 with Harmattan version; the hardware is proven so only porting and minimal software R7D cost will come.

    4. At the time of launching next wave of ur windows phone products, relaunch E7 with more improvements and as a Windows phone offering with full office suite. so u have amulti media oriented sear ray and a business oriented E7.

    Nokia remember u have no luxury left in terms of time an d monet time is running out before u becom ewat happened to SE or Palm get on track… wats harm in reusing proven hardware platforms and devices which only screwed up because of the rubbish s60 v5 software. Also it will save time and money and u will have something to show to the market.

    5. The truth today is s40 will help u die soon as android has entered that segment too so, either go for Qt on s40 with smartphone features or why not reuse symbain kernel which is a absolute beauty no amtter how crap the s60 v5 was and go for a hybrid flavour but do something as ur low end mobile phones are no match to android they got smartphones at price of featrure phone…. s40 in present incarnation is not going to help u.

    Hope this comment is read by some one at Nokia and some actions are taken mere promises are not enough as Nokia is on death warrant its now or never……

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