A Developer Edition Of MeeGo Is Coming To The Nokia N900

Its been possible to run MeeGo on the Nokia N900 for sometime now, but the use case has been limited to a proof of concept instead of giving the users a workable solution that will let them use the N900 as a primary phone, while it is running MeeGo. But fortunately, a developer edition of MeeGo has just been announced for the N900 with the aim of making the N900 ‘usable as a primary phone device for a developer/hacker person’.

A Developer's Edition Of MeeGo Is Coming To The N900

The developer edition will be based on MeeGo 1.2 trunk content and the focus will be one meeting  non-functional targets such as performance rather than checking boxes for the number of features. The idea behind the move is to encourage more people to use MeeGo on N900, and continue enhancing the functionality or build new stuff.

The core team is being formed in and around Nokia, including current members of N900 HW adaptation team.

If you want more information or want to help, head over to this wiki on MeeGo.com.

[via: @jukkaeklund]