Nokia’s April 12 Symbian Announcement Is Online Only

There has been word floating around on the internet over the past few days that Nokia would be holding an ‘event’ in London the April 12th to announce what’s new with Symbian. As it turns out, there is no ‘event’ per se. What is actually happening is that Nokia has arranged a meeting for analysts in London for Tuesday, and the web put two and two together and termed it a London based ‘event’. However, fortunately, all the talk about announcements relating to Symbian is true.

Nokia's April 12 Symbian Announcement Is Online Only

We should expect announcements to start hitting airwaves at 10 am Finnish time (i.e. 4 am U.S. Eastern time or 12:30 pm IST). We still don’t know if Nokia will be announcing any news devices on the said day, but we can surely expect word on the much awaited PR 2.0 firmware for Symbian^3 devices.

Like I said on Twitter, ‘If this is the new @Nokia they would demo & release PR 2.0 on Apr. 12, announce new phones and ship them the same month. May be hint at 3.0′. Unless of course Nokia plans to ship the new phones with the updates Symbian UI that is expected to be rolled out via firmware PR 3.0, which won’t be before June in any case.

What do you expect April 12th to bring?

[via: The Nokia Blog, Moco News]

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