MIR Translator Lets You Translate Text Captured By Your N900’s Camera

The MIR Translator app, borne out of a school project, turns your N900 into a handy translation tool that covers over 30 international languages. All you do is click a picture of the text, select the phrase you want to translate, select the to and from languages and wait for the app to work its magic. Just the kind of app I needed when I was in Hong Kong, traveling with my N900 and trying to order off a incomprehensible menu.

MIR Translator Lets You Translate Text Captured By Your N900's Camera

If the recognition is erroneous, the user is able to correct the recognition via manual segmentation, manual thresholding, and manual candidate selection. If that sounds complicated, the developer has an excellent demo and how-to video.

The app is available from Extras-Devel repositories, if you don’t know what that is, have a look here.

Hat tip to @alextootchie.

18 thoughts on “MIR Translator Lets You Translate Text Captured By Your N900’s Camera”

  1. Zifis, this should now be fixed in the latest version. It was actually a problem that happens if trying to translate without an active internet connection.

  2. I can’t believe this, you are a star ….. I see many great apps on n900 and this one is one of them. very useful apps for me while going in some other country like China or Japan. I love my n900 and love all the developers who made n900 to extraordinary computer-phone.

  3. Okay That’s a really nice software and video .

    The application worked for the first time i installed it . the next time i tried to open it up it would just close upon clicking the send button .

    Is there any dependencies missing which causes this issue ?

  4. Thanks for a great idea,

    It works well, hope it will improve.
    I am writing this bug report hoping it will help.
    Works very good on good contrast black on white images.
    It crashes a lot when used on low contrast/blurred images, especially if I try to correct the contrast settings.
    Seems to ignore the important German word “nicht” (means no).

    Does it do the processing in the phone? or does it send it over the air?
    The reason for this question is that this app is most useful when you’re paying huge roaming charges.

    Thanks again.


  5. SDPKOM, Thank you for the feedback. Those issues will be looked at. I understand the concern about having internet connectivity abroad. A near future update should enable completely local processing.

    DaReaper, this was a known issue when there is no internet connection available. It should now be fixed in the latest version (0.0.9), so try to update if possible.

  6. I found that it works fine if your internet connection is solid. If you have one that drops on occasion, as the connection drops, the app crashes. This makes sense, since it probably is trying to keep a socket open to the main system, and when it gets an exception it fails. Maybe making the connection on the fly, or using UDP would help?

    Otherwise, very nice program. I’ve used it on a few Japanese signs and it seems to be doing quite well!

  7. Hi Michal,

    your app really rocks man. Do you have any idea how to make a video call as the N900 is a 3G device but we have no video calling support.

    best of luck for your developments.


  8. Hi, is there a plan to fix the program with the camera clon from the CSSU? I think thats why when I run the app i see only a gray picture and a “close” button.

  9. Great Application. I tried to translate some russian (in cyrllic chars) to english. Worked great, except some characters returned by the OCR are strays picked up because of background stuff. The app provides some candidate characters, but no space or delete option. The strays get captured in a small picture and pressing on it brings up a page where there is some choice as to the threshold but attempts to use this just seemed to mess things up. Would be nice to just be able to edit the selected text window directly using either of the N900 keyboards. I don’t know whether you send the image to google or locally use an ocr to convert the image to text. But sometimes it may be better to view and edit the text before sending it through the translator.

    I agree, it would be nice to have the dictionaries on board, perhaps pre-stored on either internal memory, removable SD card or on a USB flash drive.

    One of the problems I have in a country where all the computers use Russian versions of windows is understanding menus and error mesages. I tried this and got mixed results. If light conditions were such that the picture was clear, it works!!! But if I try to capture a large area, a lot of the picture is blurry and the result is unintelligible. But if you can fix that, this is fantastic as I can intelligently figure out what the problem a client is having without installing some ocr tool on the windows computer.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. iam using MIR translator with wifi connection my net connection speed is abt 1mbps , but icant get the translation done evrytime it says check you connection and server settings will someone plz tell me how to add a server , plz tell me what to do it doesnt crashes bit everytime displays error mssg.

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