LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At Next Month’s MeeGo Conference

The ‘will LG, won’t LG’ game around has been going on for a while. First it was Valtteri Halla (a member of technical steering group of MeeGo and former Nokia employee) who commenting on Nokia’s exit said  “It’s opening opportunities for the others to come in. Discussions are taking place. You’ll see things coming out this year, pretty soon.”

LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At The MeeGo Conference

Then the ‘LG fills Nokia’s MeeGo void’ stories started, but LG quickly poured water on that rumour by saying that they have no definite plans to ‘mass produce’ a MeeGo smartphone this year. This was interpreted as a pretty cold stance. However, a pretty interesting session has just popped up on the MeeGo Conference website, that proposes to “show LGE MeeGo Devices and present porting experience of MeeGo 1.2 into multiple LG devices”.

But if you read further into the abstract:

“To present how LGE’s works on MeeGo IVI/Tablet/Smart Phone and how/what LGE will contribute for the future of MeeGo platform. Also some proposal on SW architecture will be presented. This session will include demonstration of prototype devices. (Will be updated)”

So there you have it, MeeGo on prototype LG devices. It still doesn’t mean that LG will be mass producing a MeeGo smartphone this year, but it does open the doors to it. I will be at next month’s MeeGo Conference and keeping an eye on things.

Meanwhile I wonder if we’ll hear something about Nokia’s only MeeGo device anytime around the same time?

Hat tip to @brainimpact.

9 thoughts on “LG To Show Off Prototype Devices At Next Month’s MeeGo Conference”

  1. That’s great to see that:
    Firstly, Nokia pours an enormous amount of developers’ man years into Maemo/Meego.
    Secondly, they make the most stupid decision in history to turn their strategy towards WindowsPhone and abandon MeeGo.
    Thirdly, LG is smart enough to see the real value of MeeGo and develops their own MeeGo handset/tablets.
    Fourthly, I will never buy a Nokia again. My next smartphone will be made by LG. That’s for sure.

    That’s why open source is the most consumer friendly development model!

    Bye bye Nokia.

  2. Good on you LG. Lets hope you put some effort into MeeGo and help make it the great OS we all know it can be.

    Shame on Nokia for all but abandoning it.

    I like many was a Nokia fanboy but my love affair is over since they dropped Symbian and MeeGo. Windows phones stink.

  3. Too bad LG devices are really poorly made when compared to Nokia devices. So if I had to choose between the only Nokia device with meago and a few LG devices I would go for the nokia one. But only if I had too 😀

    I’m keeping my N900 for now and see how things will go.

  4. So far I have never considered an LG mobile phone. This would change now, if the demonstration devices turn into real products.

    With locationgate, iOS and Android have surpassed my worst expectations, I do not expect Windows to be any better. I hope there is a future for a really free and open operating system on mobile devices.

  5. well, i usually choose samsung more than lg since their optimus one vs galaxy ace and now SGS II vs optimus 2x or lg big something, i always like samsung better

    but if meego showin up, and it turns out promising perhaps i will change views too 🙂

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