Nelisquare: A Great Looking Qt Based Foursquare Client

Tommi Laukkanen, the man behind the Qt Kasvopus Facebook client for Symbian and Maemo devices has started working on another gem, a great looking Foursquare app called Nelisquare, written in Qt Quick. The fully featured app is currently in the pre-alpha stage and already lets you check in to places, share those check-ins on Facebook and Twitter selectively and view your friends’ check-ins among other things.

The app is being developed for the N900 (Maem0) and future MeeGo devices, but the author is alive to the possibility of a Symbian version as well. Considering the fact that the official Symbian Foursquare app is written in WRT and is a little slow, a lot of users will welcome Nelisquare.

Interested, check this video demo out. Interested in testing it out on the N900? Download here.