Symbian Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

While we wait for Nokia to iron out the last few kinks and brings the much awaited Symbian PR 2.0 or Anna releases to our devices, word has already started leaking out about the PR 3 update, named Belle. The update will be a major release and feature a complete overhall of the Symbian UI, bringing in flexible widgets, a pull down notifications bar and is Nokia’s attempt to satisfy the critics and make Symbian look more ‘modern’.

Forum Nokia has a page up, where Nokia tries to talk to developers about designing for Symbian and buried in those pages are the following screens.

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(First up is the E7, with the new narrow notification bar and a redesigned calender)

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(Next we have the redesigned message editor for the Belle release)

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(Followed by the E7 rocking the Anna icons and the Belle UI)

You have to admit all of this does look very pretty, and with the large 4″ display on the E7 already making the current Symbian^3 iteration a less of a pain to navigate around, with Belle it could really be quite something. That being said, this is all a reference and things could change by the time Nokia actually gets around to releasing the update.

One last thing, this might not be Belle at all! Take everything with a pinch of salt.

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5 thoughts on “Symbian Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages”

  1. This all looks really good. These days the value you get from a smartphone is really high all because of the software support. If only the updates were released soon. I hope i won’t have to wait long to flaunt my N8 with the new icons, UI and split potrait qwerty with swype 🙂

  2. I think this new UI seems very elegant and for how I can see, it doesn’t have some absurd errors present on some parts of the actual one.

    I like very much what we can see in these images and I hope the rest will be at the same level, with less sub directory and a simplier management in general.

    Then, I’m happy to see that Nokia is trying to have icons of third party applications all in the Anna style, maybe in the near future we would have a modern and beautyfull UI.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  3. will n8 get the symbian belle update?
    when will helen, zeta , cindy and fate be released by nokia?

  4. Come on Nokia you need to provide more polished user interface for the upcoming software upgrade, also the icons needs to be redesigned because I looks somewhat like cartoon type.

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