Video: Swype For MeeGo Tablets, Will Be Integrated At The Platform Level

In what should come as great news for anyone who is familiar with application, Swype will come integrated at the platform on MeeGo tablets as the default text input mechanism. The latest MeeGo 1.2 build that just came out a few days ago incorporates Swype to give you a much better text entry experience on MeeGo.

I caught up with Peter Hargarten of Swype, at the MeeGo Conference exhibit hall and he was kind enough to give us a demo of how Swype works on MeeGo. The device is an EXOPC running MeeGo 1.2.

The people at Swype are working hard to make Swype for MeeGo even better, and as things stand, Swype comes integrated with MeeGo releases and the updates to the application will coincide with subsequent MeeGo releases.

Needless to say, Swype is a great keyboard which lets you swipe to enter text, or even use it as a regular keyboard. While Swype for MeeGo isn’t as feature rich as it is for some of the other platforms, I do look forward to future updates that will hopefully bring the experience on par.

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  1. Why the Meego keyboard doesn’t fit the screen width ?
    Can the layout be automatically adapted to the screen width or this feature is not yet implemented ? (this seems far more relevant than the “swype” feature to me).

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