Nokia Creates A Very Pink N8 Ad, Enter The 10 Pink N8 Giveaway

A brand new ad for the pink Nokia N8 has just hit the Nokia YouTube channel and its full of pink, pop and plastic dolls. What makes it interesting is that it uses stop motion to create a very fun film. The track in the video is called “Freedom” a brand new single from the all girl band Sugababes that has also just been released and here’s where it gets even more interesting, to support the release they’ll be running a competition on their website to give away 10 pink N8’s.

All you need to do is tell them in no more than 10 words what the word “Freedom” means to you? Then they’ll personally pick the best entries and list them on the official site and let the lucky winners know when their N8 Pink is in the post.

While you’re at it, I recommend checking out the making of video as well.

The fineprint says that the competition is open only to UK, Channel Island and Isle of Man residents and that you have before July 6, 2011 to enter.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Creates A Very Pink N8 Ad, Enter The 10 Pink N8 Giveaway”

  1. Oh wow thats great, if it were 2009. Sub 1ghz phones are certainly behind the times, and even then the 1ghz phones are being eclipsed by the dual core models.. But as always, finishing a distant last, comes nokia, with a tired overstretched OS that doesnt quite work crammed into a turd sprayed hot pink, hoping to suck in the non tech-savvy teenage crowd. Is this the best a company that sells the most phones in the world can do? The money spent on these advertisements would have been better spent in compensation for the poor suckers who purchased N97s and the dead end Maemo powered n900s. Well done nokia, well done.

  2. I don’t give a shit, where’s Symbian Anna update? my N8 is dying.

    Nokia is a freak loser.

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