The N950 Now Available For Developers

The Nokia N9 was just announced at Nokia Connection in Singapore, but missing from the action was the leaked N950, which was supposed to be the developer phone. But if you are a developer looking to get your apps ready for the N9, there is hope, the N950 is still very real and will be made available to developers through selected developer programs, such as Nokia Developer LaunchPad.

More information about developing for the N9 can be found here.

[Update]: Another avenue where you can request a unit of the Nokia N950 is via the MeeGo Device Program.

Candidates must be community developers ready to start working on new or existing open source applications, to be published in and the Nokia Store. Links to your current projects are relevant! Deadline for applications: end of Tuesday, June 28th.

Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “The N950 Now Available For Developers”

  1. Not for general release? Well that really sucks.

    I’m glad I decided to switch to Android now. The ONLY reason I was considering holding back was to get the N950 as its the natural progression from the N900. But while I love my N900 I am sick of the lack of Apps plus my contract has ended and even over-clocked to 1Ghz, that pales next to dual-core 1Ghz.

    I know I am going to miss the hardware keyboard, but it seems I have no choice either way and a Meego phone without a hardware keyboard to me is just a waste of time. I might as well choose the platform with a thriving App store and so has plenty of touch optimised applications.

    Bye bye Nokia, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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