Nokia N8 v Nokia N9 HD Video Capture

If you are wondering about the all new Nokia N9’s video capture capabilities, and how it measures up to the reining king, the Nokia N8, then this post might be able to help. The Nokia shoots 720p HD video at 24 frames per second out of the box with, while the Nokia N9 will be capable of shooting in 720p HD at 30 frames a second. Another difference is that the N8 uses an active hyper focal video focus system, which means that everything beyond 60 cms will be in focus, while the N9 will use continuous auto focus while recording to keep track of objects up close and afar.

Nokia N8 v Nokia N9 HD Video Capture

However, the thing to be noted is that the N8 post the Symbian Anna update will also get video capture at 30 FPS along with continuous auto focus, bringing it on par with the N9. Meanwhile video samples from the russian website have popped up on YouTube, one from the N8 and another from the N9 shooting the same room. The Nokia N8 is running Anna, but it isn’t clear if the camera update has been installed. Also, the Nokia N9 is still running proto software, and when it comes to camera settings, things keep improving till the minute the device starts to ship, so this sample in no way represents the finished product. But if you’re curious, watch the samples below.

Nokia N8

Nokia N9

Please take these with a pinch of salt, given the state of the N9 development, its probably too early to post samples, but its not as if we’re judging!

Hat tip to @Camb078.

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  1. I used my nokia n8 to capture videos from concert that I attended – I am happy about the outcome but still hoping that it can improve the sounds quality. Every videos captured upclose/upfront of the stage which is near the speaker, is not impressive at all. You can watch the sample videos at

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