Symbian Anna Now Available For The N8, C7, E7 & C6-01

The much awaited Symbian Anna update has finally started rolling out to all the Symbian^3 devices, which includes the Nokia N8, the E7, C7 and the C6-01. The update is being progressively rolled out across the world with the update already being available in the majority of European and Asian markets.

Symbian Anna is available as a 22+ MB over the air update or via the Ovi Suite application on the computer.  Post the update your firmware should read as 22.014. All the data, settings etc would be preserved on the Symbian^3 devices even after the update, but its recommended that you create a backup nevertheless.

I recommend that you update to Symbian Anna as soon as possible to take advantage of functionality such as a split screen portrait QWERTY keyboard, a new web browser, drag-able homescreens, a much improved Mail client that’s faster and split screen month/day views in the calendar. Also present are improvements to the mail for exchange implementation, device encryption, and Anna also updates your handset to the latest version of Qt. Symbian Anna also unlocks the NFC capabilities of the C7.

If you notice any other changes, please let us know in the comments section below.

Now that Symbian Anna is here, the focus will inevitably shift to the yet unannounced Symbian Belle which is expected to be unveiled later this month in a event in Hong Kong. But before you start waiting, don’t expect to see it on existing devices for the next two months.

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13 thoughts on “Symbian Anna Now Available For The N8, C7, E7 & C6-01”

  1. it got updated then stuck with below updates being not downloadable.
    1) Symbian Anna Update 1/2
    2) Symbian Anna Update 2/2
    3) Ovit Store
    4) Social

  2. After apply update & restart phone, it will shown as Ben said.
    My advise is, go to disable Mobile APN, then turn on wifi (Internet wifi connection required) since download huge MB for Anna update!!

    After each download, it will start installing (go take a nap since it took very long to install)

    I am finished with all update required & optional without any problem, but be patient since install process took very long time to finished!

    Nokia C7

  3. I have a unbranded N8 RM-596 with product code 0598980 which i believe is a UK version. But i currently live in USA. When can i expect to see the updates on OVI Suite.

    As of now no updates show up in OVI Suite or the phone Software updater.

  4. nope, it doesn’t work, no matter how i push the updates into the phone, either via Ovi Suite or OTA, restart or not.
    i tried deleting E:\Private\20019119, it works on one of my N8 but not the other. Even after completing it on the one N8, it’s still showing on SW Update “N8-00 Device Update, Use PC to Update” & there’s no split screen or popup keyboard for input.

  5. not all countries are getting it, call Nokia Care to confirm.
    if you’ve a telco re-branded version, that might happen as well… contact the telco.

  6. i’ve got the same problem with anna update 1/2 and ovi [also with OTA update].
    any help ?

    1) Symbian Anna Update 1/2 —– Installation failed
    2) Symbian Anna Update 2/2 ——PASSED
    3) Ovit Store ——PASSED
    4) Social ——PASSED

    Can someone shed light on it why this fails……

  7. hello guys…. Yup it took really A VERY LONG TIME to install the updates… Nd i’ve got split-screen nd ol… bt not the portrait qwerty.. 🙁
    plz sumone tell… How to get it… 🙁

  8. live in Thailand anything updated and up to date,but no way to get hotmail working and no way to get facebook working ???

  9. hi, I’m a Nokia E6 user. Symbian Anna is pre loaded here , but I have a question, is Symbian Belle better than Symbian anna ? Am I able to install Symbian Belle on my device ? & what is NFC ? My device support NFC ?

  10. Hey guyzz… Can u plzz help me nd tell me hw 2 get portrait qwerty keypad on my nokia c7???? Will b realy gr8full!!!

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