Finger Races: Nokia Maps v Google Maps

One of Nokia Maps’ biggest strengths is its ability to pre-load maps. Once you know where you’re headed, you can download the maps for that city/country over the air or via your computer for free before you leave and you’ll never be in a situation where you’re lost, just because your phone can’t pull the maps via the internet connection.

Needless to say its also useful even if you have speedy data as you save on data costs and no matter how fast your connection, it’ll never beat local storage. Someone decided to put together a fun video just to show this, the real action starts a few seconds in.

It may be pertinent to note that Google Maps on Android can now pre-cache maps in 10 mile blocks, useful, but that still doesn’t let use you those maps for navigation. Google Maps may be the leader in search, POIs, and public transport directions, but there’s nothing to beat Nokia Maps’ navigation and zero online dependency.

Hat tip to ZCJ for the find.

2 thoughts on “Finger Races: Nokia Maps v Google Maps”

  1. Sorry, but with pre-cached google maps you can navigate. I personally did it without any data connection. The only thing that you cannot do is get the directions, where you will need data, but once you have the directions, you can navigate without any problem.

  2. Google Maps is a richer experience on Android. Why don’t you run that comparison. And yes, it pre-caches the entire trip so you can continue navigating off line. No clue why you’re making up misinformation.

    Why don’t you do Nokia stuff v RIM stuff.

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