Interview: Elop On Windows Phone, Steve Jobs, Googorola & More

With less than 50 days left before Nokia World where Nokia promises a huge show, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has been on frequent trips around the globe to prepare for the arrival of the first Windows Phones and see how Nokia’s been doing around the world. He was in China recently and in India yesterday taking to the media about how well the dual-SIM Nokia devices are doing in the country.

Interview: Elop On Windows Phone, Steve Jobs, Googorola & More

The guys at Sina sat down with him to quiz him about Nokia’s Windows Phone plans, the Google-Motorola deal, Apple after Steve Jobs and how will Nokia aim to distinguish itself in the market post the arrival of Windows phone devices.

Among other things, the key points from the interview are:

  • Nokia Windows Phones will be available in Q4, and follow a staggered rollout with one country after another getting the devices. Nokia is in talks with operators in China to determine when would it be a good time to bring the Windows phone devices to the country.
  • The Nokia N9 will play a key role in China.
  • On the chances of Microsoft acquiring Nokia – He sees Nokia acting as an independent company in the long term.
  • On differentiation between iOS/Android/WP – Windows Phone is a people focused OS, compared to other which are App focused.
  • On the future – He says that Nokia is not only a hardware player, but will also work on software and services. Some of which will be available on other Windows phone devices, while some will remain Nokia specific.
  • On Googorola – He thinks that participants of the Android ecosystem will be very concerned about the acquisition.

Here is the full interview:

If you were listening carefully you’ll see how Elop was asked specifically about the Sea Ray, but he was careful not to use that name in his reply. It is quite certain that Nokia will be announcing its first Windows Phone device(s) on October 26th and will start shipping them very soon afterwards, the real question is which will be the lucky countries that’ll get first dibs on it.

[via: @nokonpar]