The Man Who Thought Differently, Stayed Hungry & Stayed Foolish

The following is a video of Steve Jobs narrating the first ‘Think different’ commercial – Here’s to the Crazy Ones. It never aired. But today more than ever, it defines who Steve Jobs was, man, legend.

In the end Richard Dreyfuss ended up doing the voice for the spot (final minute of the video below), but as you would expect, Steve’s was much better.

The world is at loss as I type this on my Mac, I cannot find words that convey the monumental impact that one man has had on our lives. Right from the first computer, to our music players, our smartphones and tablets, he has played a pivotal role each and every one of them, shaped them, helped perfect them. No matter what piece of similar technology you use, chances are that he helped create it or was the reason it exists today.


There will be thousands of words written about the legacy Steve Jobs leaves behind, but here’s the man himself taking about what should matter to Apple the most. Jobs on the crazy ones, the ones who think different.

RIP, the man who changed the world!