Video Demo Of The Brand New Nokia Pulse Service

At Nokia World, Nokia introduced a brand new social location service called ‘Nokia Pulse‘ that aims at helping you answer the “where are you?”, “how do I get there?”, “where should we meet?” questions that keep popping up in real life.

(Watch in HD)

“So, how does it work exactly? Imagine, you have just arrived at the airport. What do you typically do? Call/SMS someone close, say from your family to coordinate a pickup. Several SMS/calls are exchanged before the pickup happens successfully. With Nokia Pulse, all you need to do is type “Here!”or simply check-in and an instant notification of your update is sent to everyone in your family group tagged with your current location. You receive a response, “On my way” with a location tagged that shows you exactly where you ride is on the map. In addition, Nokia Pulse allows you to discover and post nearby places with recommendations, ratings, directions and even direct access to a phone number for a quick phone call. So while you wait, you can enjoy your favorite coffee at a nearby Café and inform your ride where you are with just one tap.”

So basically everyone in your group get to know where you are so that you can coordinate meetings, pick ups etc better, your contacts can even comment on checkins. It is also much more fun, and a seamless way of doing things. The applications is in beta and is available for Symbian, Windows phone and you can even access it from any other phone by going to and at from any browser on the desktop.

2 thoughts on “Video Demo Of The Brand New Nokia Pulse Service”

  1. So, it’s like 4-square, on a separate site, with less control? Welcome to 2009 Nokia! Talk about catching the tail-end of a wave…

  2. Hello Vaibhav Sharma the video it’s cool but there something I didn’t get You said talking to the other personon the video that you can even call but to get the information without Nokia Pulse you need SMS, bla bla… and EL application …Can you tell me please what is it this EL application – I cannot find it …not even in Google…What is it please EL application…Thank you

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