In-Depth Look At The Lumia 800 On Video: Hard To Put Down

With the Lumia 800, Nokia and Microsoft’s synergies have finally been able to intersect after months of anticipation and the end result is nothing short of impressive. With the Nokia N9, we saw Nokia create a new class of device that was designed with the ‘eyes up’ philosophy in mind, with Windows Phone Microsoft tried to put people first, giving you the ability to quickly glance at information which is relevant to you.

In-Depth Look At The Nokia Lumia 800 On Video: Hard To Put Down

We all know that the Lumia 800 is one amazingly beautiful device, but since this was going to be my first real experience with Windows Phone Mango, I was curious about what to expect. What would be the notifications like? Is the Metro UI really as good as it is made out to be? Are there any niggles which could threaten to be show stoppers? Will Nokia’s device be differentiated enough from other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC?

So in the following video I go over all of these questions and try and answer them. The video plays for just over 16 minutes, and should give you a fair idea of what to expect from the Lumia 800.

Without giving away too much, all I can say is that I was having a hard time putting the device down.

(Video available in HD)

The Lumia 800 is already on pre-order in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Britain and is expected to hit stores sometime mid-week in November. It is also coming to Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan before the year-end.

Based on what you have seen so far? You do want one? More Lumia 800 stories here.

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  1. I can’t say i like the Lumia 800… Both the hardware and software are worse than it is on a N9 with Harmattan. It got just the half of RAM, the half of storage, smaller screen and resoulution and a lot other stuff the N9 does better. I hate the flickering panes.. they are irritating. It lacks multitasking and so on…

  2. That was a good initial review. What is your opinion on the battery life ?

    I am sure Nokia does take alot of care on battery life.. but how does it go with WP7.

  3. Good review, thanks.

    @Daniel – Why do you care so much about paper specs that do not affect real life usage and performance? For a start this has a faster processor than the N9, it has an ecosysatem with far more developer support and financial backing. Windows Phone does not lack multitasking, and that’s probably the main thing missing from the review. If you hold in the back button for a second, you can multitask between applications.

    The resolution is slightly lower, however this is a smaller screen, and the PPI (what actually matters) is actually ever so slightly higher on the Lumia 800.

    I’m guessing you’ve used neither the Nokia Lumia 800 or the N9?

  4. This device looks fantastic. Thanks for the review. I’m getting this when it comes to Norway early 2012. I’ve been looking for a WP7-device for some time now, and this fits the bill perfectly. However, I would like to see an in-depth look at the streaming music service. A free streamer sounds too good to be true, which usually means that it is. What are the drawbacks? Do you have any control of the songs that are played, or is it essentially like choosing a radio-station? What is the compression-rate of the music (biggest drawback with streaming music, imo)? etc.

  5. Thanks for the review…

    Whats the battery life like?

    Also how is the music player?

    Will I be able to watch *.avi & *.mp4 movies on this device? I have seen my friend watch a 4gb Blue Ray Rip on his S2.

  6. Nix, the battery life seemed okay, one day with moderate use. But I couldn’t get a definitive feel for the battery in just two days, while I was busy exploring the phone.

    The music player is pretty good, there’s no drag and drop so you’ll be dependent on Zune on Windows and iTunes on the Mac.

    On the video codecs front, MP4 yes, but it looks like a no for .avi to me. More here

    Overmann, you cannot just search for any song and start playing it. Mix radio is restricted to the streams that automatically show up. You can download the entire set (good for 2 hours) at 32kps ACC encoding though, upto a total of 4 sets. You can then keep them for 30 days, after which you’ll need to refresh.

    But the streams that show up are based on your music library, so they try and guess what you like and also help you discover more music. I haven’t used the service extensively, but that’s the idea.

  7. Vaibhav,

    Thanks for a fairly good review. Truth is, I’ve been waiting for this device and I’m getting one as soon as it hit Nigeria…

  8. My first time visiting this site, and I must say, this was a wonderful review of WP! You’re review is especially credible given that your current daily driver is a Galaxy S II.

    I think you covered some key points for users accustomed to the icon grid paradigm, and you effectively demonstrated the ease in which one could transition to and navigate WP/Metro UI.

    Given your unbiased review, this site has earned a permanent spot in my Favorites.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Great review of a lovely looking phone. I’m going to try it out when it’s in the shops and if it works well with internet, email and takes good pictures it will be my next phone.

  10. Vaibhav, many thanks for the review which I enjoyed reading.

    You didn’t say much about the camera which is the only area
    I have some doubts about. I am reposting below a comment I originally posted yesterday in response to the Lumia 800 review at I would be interested to know your own and/or other readers’ opinions regarding the camera.

    ************** Posted 4/11/11 on *******************
    Let me say at the outset that I’m an avid Nokia/WP7 fan and that I fervently wish the Lumia 800 becomes a big hit. Based on what I’ve seen and read so far I believe it will be, but what I find troubling is the camera.

    I first came across the results of the camera test on cnet uk > crave which placed the Lumia 800 firmly in last place when compared with the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II. That result irked me given my allegiance and Nokia’s reputation for great camera phones but I took comfort from some of the ensuing comments which pointed out that the pictures were not like-for-like comparisons as they were taken from different angles etc..

    However now both SlashGear and The Verge have published full reviews with sample photos which appear to reinforce the conclusions drawn by the earlier (and much maligned) Crave report. Both the SlashGear and Verge photo samples exhibit the same cold colour balance and blown-out highlights as seen in the earlier Crave photos. Others have commented elsewhere on the slowness of the auto-focus. This makes me seriously wonder how SlashGear can conclude that the Lumia 800 has “a brilliant camera”.

    Overall the Lumia 800 is a great package but the camera appears to be something of a let-down, and I sincerely hope that Nokia can fix the issues via a software update to ensure it becomes the big hit it deserves to be.

  11. Hi there ! i have a question about this phone .How much can battery last ? Because i’ve read several tests on battery and they say that the battery is more poor then other phones in class .

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