Nokia Lumia 800 Pre Orders Start In India

We were promised a mid December launch for the Lumia 800, and everything seems to be on track for that timeline. Today Nokia India has started taking pre-orders for the device across the country via its Nokia Priority Dealers and partners. You can pre-book the Lumia 800 with an upfront payment of Rs. 2000 3000 and can expect to receive the device between the 15th and 20th of this month. However reports suggest that dealers are taking pre-orders with upfront payments of even Rs. 1000, so its best to check locally.

Nokia Lumia 800 Pre Orders Start In India

The India price of the Lumia 800 has still not been revealed and I’m told that it is because of the currency fluctuations in the market. Your local Nokia stores will also have the new look that the Lumia marketing campaign brings and there should be enough live units of the device to play with, considering this is the largest amount of seeding devices Nokia has put out in the market, ever.

Here is a little more about Nokia’s new retail strategy that promises to offer consumers a premium shopping experience. I recommend you head over to your local stores and give the device a play, it is quite catching. Alternatively, you can also register your interest on this official Nokia India page and they’ll have a dealer call you with the details. Expect my review later this week, but if you are itching to pull the trigger, here are my detailed initial impressions.

4 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 Pre Orders Start In India”

  1. All my misconceptions were cleared as i used this phone. Be it the Operating system, The look, Touch , display or the Processor. The phone is simply ahead of it’s time. I could not stop myself from ordering one. this an amazing product nokia has come up with.

  2. The Nokia Lumia 800 is worth it, its beautiful, has a new OS, a stunning screen. Most of all, i am sure would not feel tacky in my hand like a Samsung, which i always feel would fall apart any time if it falls. Nokia has redefined innovation time and again, and the Lumia is no different. It is definitely a trendsetter. I cant forget how it set tongues wagging when everyone got a glimpse. It is all set to rock the world. Nokia Rocks!

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