PR 1.2 Harmattan Update Now Available For The N950: Tons Of New Features [Changelog]

The PR 1.2 firmware update has just been rolled out to the developer only N950 MeeGo Harmattan device, and it comes to us in the form of  beta version number 3.2012.02-6_PR_RM680. This update is a precursor to the N9 update, and will give you a fair idea of what new features to expect on your N9.

PR 1.2 Harmattan Update Now Available For The N950: Tons Of New Features

Highlights include support for five new languages, face recognition, enhanced copy-paste, software update notifications for applications and games in Nokia Store and folders in the application view. If you own a N950, you can find all the details and download links here.

Here is a slightly more detailed changelog, if you have a time, a complete list of the bugs that have been fixed has also been published.

  • New languages
    • Persian
    • Hebrew
    • Kazakh
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
  • Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
  • Face recognition for gallery and face tags for Facebook
  • Support for folders in the application view
  • Mail for Exchange global address book lookup
  • Mail thread support in the Email client
  • Extended copy-paste support
  • Media sharing with DLNA compatible devices
  • Improved browser history view
  • Compass support in Maps
  • QtWebKit update to version 2.2
  • New font taken into use
  • Front camera support
  • Video editing support in the Gallery application
  • MeeGotouch Framework
  • Visual hint for differentiating swipe close gesture from normal swipes
  • Timestamps shown in notifications
  • Notifications sorted by timestamps
  • Improvements in Event Feed area
  • Music controls in Lock screen
  • New feedbacks added to MeeGoTouch theme.
  • Kernel updated to be in sync with the upstream kernel version
  • Connectivity
  • Android NDEF Push Protocol disabled
  • NFC polling enabled in lock screen
  • Separate switch for controlling mobile background connections while roaming
  • Camera
  • Self Timer support
  • Composition grid + on/off control
  • Calendar
  • Better handling of To-Do lists, recurring events and timezones
  • Private flag support for events
  • Support for read-only events
  • Ability to forward/reply/reply-all for received events
  • Clock
  • Clock alarm becomes silent by flipping the device face down instead of snoozing
  • Updated time picker
  • Gallery
  • People view added to the grid toolbar
  • Improved multiple selection indication in grid view
  • Music Player
  • Audiobook and podcast support
  • Ability to create playlists
  • Ability to delete music files from music player library views via object menu
  • Possibility to see songs that are on the current play queue

[via: My Nokia Blog]