Must Know Tips & Tricks For The Galaxy Note

A while ago I did a ‘Must Know Tips & Tricks For The Galaxy S II‘ post and judging by the insane number of views that video has received on YouTube alone (almost 850,000), I thought I’d do a follow up video, this time for the Galaxy Note.

The Note is breaking new ground, not only for Samsung, but also for smartphones as such. A year ago 5″ phones bombed, Dell Streak is a prime example. However, with an HD screen and s much slimmer profile, the Galaxy Note quickly carving out more than a niche for itself.

Just like the S2, the Note runs Gingerbread with TouchWiz 4 on top. So a lot of the tips & tricks that work for the S2, will cross over to the Note as well. But with the S-Pen, the digital stylus that the note comes with, Samsung has introduced a few extras that you should be aware of.

Here are a few must knows:

If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out the Galaxy S2 tips post, in addition to the video, it also has a bunch of screenshots to serve as a guide. Those tips will work across almost any modern Samsung Android device.

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