The Definitive Nokia PureView 808 Video: Damian Dinning Interview

Like I mentioned in my PureView 808 hands-on post, I spent a good 15 minutes talking to Nokia’s imaging guru, Damian Dinning about the 41 Megapixel packing camera flagship, a device 5 years in the making. If there is one PureView 808 video that could get you info on everything from its conception, challenges, features and even the camera UI, then this is it.

Any questions? Let me know below.

2 thoughts on “The Definitive Nokia PureView 808 Video: Damian Dinning Interview”

  1. The 808 : everything I ever wanted from the camera flagship, and more (all facets considered) !! Absolutely brilliant, the UI, the sensor, the new algorithms for zooming 🙂

    Just a few requests from a Nokia fan and a fellow photographer : Can you give your personal opinion as to how really low light images come out on the phone ? One of my major complaints with the N8 was that it didn’t support long exposure photography ( the lowest it got down to 1/5th of a second), so I am eager to know what the minimum shutter speed is. Also, since I own a 550D(amateur photographer here :)), I would like to know how it(the 808) stacks up against the 550D in terms of low light photography !

    Thanks a ton ! 🙂

  2. id like to know if any of you guys gave the new browser a try lol 😉

    seems like everyones too caught up with the camera understandably

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