Nokia Maps Go 3D – The Kind You Need 3D Glasses For

Nokia Maps for the web went 3D a while ago, and the experience was fantastic. You could do a fly by over a ton of cities around the world, and the service was so good that CNN used it to show the route for the royal wedding. But the Maps team isn’t content on resting on their laurels and has activated a new stereoscopic 3D to make those maps really pop. This means that you’ll probably need to hunt for that long forgotten red-blue 3D glasses, which our friends at Unleash The Phones say is definitely worth the effort.

I haven’t been able to try the new mode out yet, my long forgotten pair of 3D glasses wasn’t up to the task. I am told that the glasses you use has a huge barring on your experience, so look for your best pair and let us know what you think. To activate the 3D mode, just click the glasses on the top right-hand corner on the webpage.

Meanwhile, a huge development for Nokia Maps mobile was the ability to use voice navigation on your iOS or Android device as well. Its is restricted to walk navigation for now, but your can get actual voice navigation for free on your iPhone or Android powered device for free, all via Nokia’s HTML5 magic. You are asked to download a 2MB set of voice files upfront and once your are on your way, its just like using Nokia Maps on a Nokia device.

[via: Unleash The Phones]