WhatsApp Coming To The N9 With Wazapp

Users of the Nokia N9 have longed for a Whats App client for their device since a long time, but it finally looks as if their prayers are close to being answered. While Whats App isn’t doing an official version of the app, the community has come up with a solution of its own called Wazapp.

Wazapp is a community port of the hugely popular IM application, and its developer Tarek Galal has realsed a first look video of it running on the N9. The video is proof that the project is progressing nicely, and shows messages being sent and received between the N9 running Wazapp, and a Samsung Android device running the official WhatsApp application.

When is it coming out you wonder? The developer has this to say:

If you cannot wait, a dedicated website for the project has been setup at wazapp.im and you can keep checking in, otherwise rest assured that I’ll let you know once its out. I hope that the makers of Whats App support this development, and not try and kill its functionality with an update to their official clients.

[via: My Nokia Blog]

5 thoughts on “WhatsApp Coming To The N9 With Wazapp”

  1. Who knows if this guy is going to release app for the public. probably he will make it only for himself and few friends of his… that would be great disappointment. but it’s actually ridiculous to make such popular app and not to share it with people especially taking in account that you can sell it

  2. WhatsApp Messenger to the Nokia N9 was in the works, and today it is finally available for download. Its developer Tarek Galal had realsed a first look video of it running on the N9 a while ago, and now you can grab the .deb file and install it on your own device.

  3. Hi just want to let you know that i got a nokia n9 and cant download the wazzapp for my phone. Can you assist

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